The GayRomLit Report

Last week was GayRomLit in New Orleans. The full report can be seen here, with a lot of pics, and eventually I’ll get the other movies up too. In the meantime, here I am in some random doorway in NOLA. Be charmed.

I left with a sore throat, recovered by and large, and came home with no voice and some sort of bronchial thing I’m trying to shake. Also with chronic sleep deprivation. Yesterday was the so-tired-I-ache day, and today was the dizzy and cranky day, so we’re progressing. I’m even getting an edit done. This is possibly the fastest recovery ever.

Complete credit, I swear, goes to traveling by train. All I did from Sunday afternoon until arrival in Ottumwa on Monday night was sleep and eat, and both the sleeping and the eating were attended to by train personnel. I would totally travel that way again. I may do so to get to Marie for what will be a car trip from Coda to Albuquerque, the site of next year’s GRL.

If you didn’t attend this year, I heartily encourage you to go the next time. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a conference. It was great to put faces to names and get the rest of people’s personality. Also, the networking was simply golden, both with fans and with other authors. Amazing what comes out of people’s mouths after a few drinks.

New Orleans itself was lovely, though as Damon Suede pointed out, a little “Epcot New Orleans.” It did seem largely populated by tourists, which makes me sad. Even with the crazy heat I could live there with those cute little balconies. Bourbon Street would get old fast, but still. What a city. We got to see a wedding go by, and it made me want to get married again just so I could wave a hanky and have a parade.

But hands-down the best part of GRL was the people. We could have met in an airport lounge and had a great time. There were a million people I didn’t see enough of and some people I somehow managed not to see at all. Just an excuse to go again next year, I guess.

RT is coming in April, but I know it can’t be even close to GRL. It wasn’t a conference. It was a family reunion. I can’t wait to see my family again next October.

8 Comments on “The GayRomLit Report

  1. D’oh – I think my driving home for two days made my cold/bronchial thing worse. *hack hack hack* The kitties do not approve of my souvenir cough.

    We stayed in the Marigny neighborhood, so we got to experience some of NOLA outside the touristy French Quarter. I’m glad about that!

  2. I have a slight cold as well. I heard on the news Monday morning that there was an algae bloom in the gulf, one of the biggest in history. And you would have a sore throat for a few days as the result, if you were near, which we were at grl.

    Heidi, I like your observation about grl being like a family reunion. I agree!!

  3. I agree with the family reunion analogy, though I was meeting my kin for the first time face to face, in most cases. I miss so many people now and can’t wait to see them again next year.

    I also agree with the tourist thing. Having once lived near Lafayette, I couldn’t wait to hear the familiar Cajun accent, but alas, I heard nary a “Mais, yeah!” or “Ah shah…” And though I saw the word “lagniappe” on many menus, down the bayou way a lagniappe doesn’t come with a pricetag.

    It was great meeting you, Heidi, and all the other wonderful folks. I’ve gained a slew of new Facebook friends, including a lovely couple I met at Lafitte’s in Exile. Now to rest up for Albuequerque.

    • Great to meet you too! You were on the list of people I wanted to see more of but didn’t. Next year…

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