Black Friday Special: The Wounds in the Walls

This Friday at eBook Eros, my novella The Wounds in the Walls is the Deal of the Day: 10 copies of The Wounds in the Walls will be available for .99 each Friday, 04:00 PM EST. Books will be available first come, first serv.


Pete Eason’s been hit by the downturn in the economy just like everyone else, so when he gets the word that some guy named Mike Clarke needs a day laborer to clear our a rural Missouri house, he doesn’t ask too many questions before he takes the job. But Pete quickly learns that there’s something funny going on at this site. For one, Pete’s the only laborer Mike hired, and from what Pete can see, this place needs a bulldozer, not a Dumpster. Mike doesn’t so much as hand Pete a shovel, either—he just asks him lots and lots of questions, and he seems to be hinting that the place is haunted. Pete doesn’t feel any goosebumps, and he sure as hell doesn’t see any ghosts. He’s dying, though, to know what all the gashes in the walls are about.


Mike can’t see the gashes, and he’s frustrated that Pete can’t see the ghost standing right beside him, because the whole point of bringing Pete here was to release the trapped spirit in this place, a spirit that by rights Pete should be able to see better than anyone. Maybe, he thinks, he’s made a mistake. But before MIke can nudge Pete a little harder, the front door disappears, the walls begin to heave, and the ghost which has always been nothing more than a shade is suddenly aggressive flesh and blood—and Mike doesn’t think he’s made a mistake anymore. He knows he has.



For fun, here’s the work-in-progress collage I used. Go and get your bargain while you can!

2 Comments on “Black Friday Special: The Wounds in the Walls

  1. Hi Heidi, I went on Eros and your book wasn’t the Deal of the Day. Either it sold out fast and they put another book up, or it’s going to be the deal another day. Any updates?


    ~ Monica

    PS hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and that the book with Maria is going well, smile.

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