A test and update.

My stupid twitter feed and facebook feed has not been working. This is to see if the new feed I set up actually works.

To test, I will tease you by saying that I am restoring my muse and having some fun horsing around with ZAM writing a super sekrit story. We are currently in the state where writing seems easy and we think we are the most brilliant people evah. I’m sure any second reality will descend and it will be the usual hell.

I am still, yes, writing another dual-author fun project with Marie. We work on that one more slowly, because it is our sanity project, and Marie is actually working on another story right now, so that one has a lazy Sunday feel to it as for production. And YES I’m still working on my own stuff. Back to Pirates editing/revision as of Monday, and I’m still working on A Model Man when I can’t get anyone else to play with me. But I’m currently resting mostly, and playing with peeps.

Here is my character from the ZAM story. I adore him TOO PIECES. I also own his ass, as in, I bought the pic.

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