Awards, Releases, and Trailers, Oh My!

Yesterday the lovely Elisa announced her annual Rainbow Awards, and I did pretty well:

  • Nowhere Ranch: First Place, Best Gay Erotic Contemporary
  • Dance With Me: Honorable Mention, Best Gay Contemporary Romance
  • Nowhere Ranch: Third Place, Best Character Development

Thanks again to Elisa, her jury, and congrats to all the winners!


I also found out yesterday that Nowhere Ranch will be going to print. Not exactly sure when yet, but sooner rather than later, and I’ll pimp that ride when it gets here. But if you’ve been waiting for that announcement, go have yourself a snoopy dance.


I also have cover art, a firm release date, pre-order links, and a trailer for A Private Gentleman. It will be out on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012, available everywhere right on release. Print will come out in 11 months. (Yes, I’ll remind you. No worries.)


4 Comments on “Awards, Releases, and Trailers, Oh My!

  1. Congratulations Heidi! Well deserved all around!

    I am so excited for A Private Gentlemen! Marie told me you all were going to stop by for your joint blog tour. Can’t wait!

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