Sometimes it’s nice.

You know, sometimes the best thing about being an author is that after you’ve had a headache all day and had to run to the chiro in the rain and you still hurt after and are mad about all the money on health stuff you throw down the drain and have a crying mad fit in the kitchen, you go to your Facebook or Goodreads or email and somebody has written/posted to say that your writing made them happy and they just had to tell you, and then you’re like, fuck pain, total strangers love me.

Love you right back. Thanks everybody, and thanks today Seymour James especially.

3 Comments on “Sometimes it’s nice.

  1. Amen, sistah. I had that moment today, too. Well, without the rain, and it was a profanity mad fit in the living room… but still, that one nice comment was better than the chocolate cake I consoled myself with at lunch!

    And, just so you know, your stuff is pretty much permanently etched onto the screen of my Nook – because it makes me happy.

    Just so you know…

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