iPhone, I has it, Precious.

I’m actually posting this post from my phone.

This blows my mind on so many levels. When I wrote about Sam Keller and his iPhone, I didn’t even have a text plan, and I didn’t even dream of data. I graduated to a Palm Pre a few years ago, and it did rock, especially by comparison to what I’d had. But the apps left a lot to be desired. Plus, I still wanted an iPhone. Not just because they looked cool but because I’m a big Mac head and I wanted full functionality across my devices. Add the death of my iPod six months ago, and I was getting desperate.

Thanks to generosity by my father-in-law and my father, Dan and I both upgraded to iPhone 4S tonight and at mega hard drive space. We still need cases and chargers and we have to tweak our car stereo. But we have iPhones.

I’m blogging from my FREAKING PHONE. Thanks, Dad and Tom. This is the best present yet.

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