BYWBBT: Intro post & how to beat the blues

Be sure to head over to Coffee & Porn in the Morning today to see the Beat Your Winter Blues Blog Tour kick off. This is your first chance to enter to win the grand prize of a $200 gift certificate to the e-retailer of your choice. Go here to read the horrible truth of how I actually love winter (and find out who else does too).

Here’s one way to beat the blues. (After the cut because the boys are being a bit naughty and not wearing clothes. That’s a warning for you too, Mom.)


3 Comments on “BYWBBT: Intro post & how to beat the blues

  1. Those boys look like this is a dangerous activity. I’ve seen real snow once in my life at the age of 44 I travel with in-laws to Norway in January and took a cruise up the coast. It was a pretty rough trip but saw lots of snow that’s for sure.

    • Except for this year, Iowa is no stranger to snow, but I have to confess, we normally don’t get sights like this. Which is a shame.

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