Blog Tour and Sugar Shock

The Beat-Your-Winter-Blues Blog Tour Keeps on rolling, and this week it’s at Kate McMurray’s place. Stop on over there for your chance to enter and win our grand prize, and see what we’d do on a winter night by the fireside. Here in Iowa, we might actually get our snow today, but I refuse to let myself hope too much because they keep teasing me with promises of it only to have it not actually happen. So We’ll see.

In the meantime, Heidi’s Fun Shit of the Moment is to try and cut out all or as much refined sugar and flour as possible.


Okay, actually I won’t, because it’s depressing and long and annoying. Worse, I think it might actually work. Why that’s worse I don’t know. I guess because I’m already vegetarian, non-dairy, and now no sugar and white flour. I have no idea how I’m ever supposed to eat out of the house again, and god help me with all the traveling I’m supposed to be doing this year. It all started with a very bad weekend where I ended up with steroids, and the great news is that they really, really helped. The bad news is that you can’t stay on steroids long term unless you’d like to have your bones and tendons and eyeballs melted, or something equally dramatic and yuck. But the one high point of that is finding out that yes, it’s inflammation, so now my battle is trying to decrease inflammatory foods and increase ones that fight inflammation.

Mostly what I can tell you is that if I ever go postal, it will probably be in some public food place where they have a sea of food I can’t eat. Hunger is so primal, and holy cow, but sugar is worse than crack, and we put it in EVERYTHING. And yeah, it’s hell to be standing at a counter looking at the one or two things you could maybe eat while everyone else gets to chose whatever they want. Part of me wants to turn into some kind of raving food maniac that runs around with a bullhorn demanding better public food options, but then I think about how much work that would be and I just get depressed again.

The good news is that while the whole inflammatory thing isn’t taking off instantly, I do feel a lot clearer and do have a sense that it will work. Or maybe it’s just hope. That’s kind of the worst thing, worrying that it won’t work at all and I will once again be doing a bunch of stuff that won’t help at all or just aggravate me. I suppose the one side effect would be that I surely have to lose weight, cutting out sugar. I mean, there’s just about nothing left. Vegetables and unsweetened almond milk. Really, how can you get fat on that?

Though I confess. I’ve been having roast chicken fantasies. Too scared to try, though, because every time there is meat, there is upset stomach.

This is me, anyway. I should be updating a bunch of things and have huge folders full of “to do” items for RRW and personal and business, and mostly I just keep filling them. I’m working on something but I won’t talk about what it is yet because I’m feeling like a mule about keeping mum. Mostly right now I’m thinking about lunch. And so with that, I am off to not eat sugar or dairy or meat or anything but grass and twigs.

Happy Thursday!

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