Dan and Heidi talk about Same-Sex Marriage

Last night I was skimming through my Google Reader feed and stumbled on a Minnesota couple’s video explaining why they will vote yes on a Minnesota amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage. It really upset me, and when I showed Dan, it upset him too. So we sat in front of my computer for a half hour and talked about our views on same-sex marriage and why we love equality in Iowa and why they shouldn’t vote against it in Minnesota. Then I spent the morning editing it, and I uploaded it to YouTube as a response.

This is how it turned out.

9 Comments on “Dan and Heidi talk about Same-Sex Marriage

  1. I know that’s what I thought of when I wanted to get married. To show everyone how much I love my husband. I don’t see why anyone else shouldn’t be allowed the same privileges. Love is love.

  2. Very wonderfully done. The argument I got so tired of here in Florida was that somehow same sex marriage would lead to gasp multi-partner marriage. Great more loving committed family units so who cares. But worse that somehow allow same sex marriage will lead to legalized marriage between adults and children. Sorry but the current marriage laws don’t lead to allow that so why would same sex marriage. I just don’t understand how they get from point A to Point B. I hope that some day if my son meets someone and falls in love that they will be able to proclaim their love freely and openly.

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