Romantic Times, Covers, and Rainbow Flag Pins (Oh My!)

I’m at the Romantic Times convention, sitting in my pjs next to Lori Witt and Marie Sexton, drinking coffee and making sure the Internet is still here. So far so good.

If you’re at RT or even in Chicago, stop by the Hyatt Regency O’Hare at some point and say hi. I’ll be at the Thursday signing from 4-6, but I’ll be hanging out at the Saturday signing too, just not at a table. Remember I look like this and am very tall. To help you further, here’s the bag I’m carrying at the con. Isn’t it pretty? Hit me up for trading cards, a business card with the Coffee & Porn in the Morning guy on the back, a rainbow flag pin, or just a hug.

Speaking of flag pins. As soon as Damon Suede gets here, a bunch of us will be walking around laden with the things, and if you ask us for one we will give you one. At first anyone with a flag pin will give you one, but eventually (hopefully) a lot of people will be wearing one so at best they’ll be able to tell you who is giving them out. We’ll be doing this again at RWA national, RomCon, Authors After Dark, and GayRomLit, so if we run out, try again later.

Last but not least, I have a cover for The Pirate’s Game, which releases on April 24. Good old James Gibbs. That look on his face? Yeah. That’s James.

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