Required Viewing for Creative Persons of All Stamps: Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts

I love Neil Gaiman.

I love him and adore him and want to be him when I grow up, or more specifically, I want to feel and be all the time what he makes me feel when he writes or speaks or does anything. To that end, here is his address to the graduating class of 2012 at The University of the Arts.

More news coming, including a new book which looks like it will be out in August and was very definitely written with Marie Sexton. There’s another one of those, but we have to finish it first. And yes, there’s all the other ones. Trust me. All over it. The less I blog? The more you know I’m writing.

But watch Gaiman, because he is Gaiman and therefore awesome.

One of his highlights, which someone has made into a chart:

4 Comments on “Required Viewing for Creative Persons of All Stamps: Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts

  1. Thanks for this post. When I was in high school, a pal of mine worked at the local comics shop. One day, he handed me his issue of a comic that had just come out. “It’s called Sandman. It’s kinda horror, kinda fantasy. Really cool!” I started collecting with issue #2 (eventually grabbing a copy of #1 for $20 to complete the collection) and have been a fan ever since. When he wrote an episode of Doctor Who, it was like geek nirvana.

    • Pretty much everything he does makes me feel good and happy. I kind of never want to truly meet him because he’s so wonderful as a godlike figure. I’d hate to make him too human. Not until I get significantly smarter, anyway.

  2. I’m with you, Heidi – Neil always makes me feel so wonderful, whether he’s writing or talking or just standing there smiling. I think we need to start a new religion or something. We’ll be Gaimanists. (And is it any coincidence that his name is pronounced “gay man”? I don’t think so…)

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