Diamonds in Disguise

I don’t know why collaging is so vital to my process, but it is. It’s getting expensive too because I’ll only use stock photos anymore, or at least there comes a point where I do. I’m not making covers exactly, though I admit they start to look a heck of a lot like them. Sucky covers, of course, because I have just enough design skill to get myself to ninth grade, not to This is fine. I don’t need the collage to be the cover. I need the collage to get me to The End.

But since I spend money on the damn things, it only ever seems apropos to share them with the world. So here’s my latest Dirty Laundry collage. I had holy hell finding Denver. Do you have any idea how FEW images of a man who is described as both the Hulk and the Jolly Green Giant are out there in stock photo land? Then insist he have to have a cowboy hat. JAYSUS.

I found him, though, with a little help from wifey. Adam doesn’t have his glasses on here, but his face is what matters. Actually both their poses and faces are what told me I had it. It’s like they’re looking out at me going, “Good job, woman. Now finish up and edit so we can all get out of here.”

(It’s a lot better if you click on it to make it big.)

The other integral part of this round has been listening to “Somewhere” by Scissor Sisters, which I din’t understand until I went and looked up the lyrics.

Extraordinary lives
Keep crashing and tumbling by
Somewhere there’s a sky for only me
Diamonds in disguise
Hiding like forgotten days
All these tears of mine will fly away


Have a listen.

One Comment on “Diamonds in Disguise

  1. Damn, those lyrics are great. I’ve listened to that xx times & never really listened. I do so envy you wordsmiths & it’s fascinating to see the process you use when writing.

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