BTL Diaries: Shoot Me Down, But I Won’t Fall

There’ve been no Better Than Love diaries because there has been a lot of Heidi in airports and hotels and other such things. I’m back now, but today was the day I had to sort out all the mail that happened while I wasn’t paying attention, and by having a brilliant idea to set up rules and mailboxes to sort it more efficiently, I managed to lose a lot of it or funnel it to the wrong place. Then I had to do other things, and then there was a big kiki, and then…well, I wrote seven hundred words.

It’s still going, though, and I’m happy. I feel like I’m getting the soul of the thing, and I can see the shape, etc. It’d be nice to be out of the damn first sequence, but whatever.

The best part so far has been the silliest: because Chenco has a drag queen personality and so sometimes thinks of himself as Candy, a female, I can, for the first time in forever, have a sex scene where I get to–WAIT FOR IT–alternate pronouns because they’re not the same. Holy cow, that’s so great I can’t even tell you.

Though you know what rocks hardest? The best fucking phrase ever to write? Her cock. That’s pretty fucking fun.

Robyn continues to be a big theme source, and I’m flirting with P!nk but I’m not sure about that yet. We’ll see. Though I’m also loving, loving “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia. (I keep calling her Skia, and I have no idea why.) That one is a double bonus, that song, because it spurs something else. But mostly it’s a great song.

With a kicking video.

3 Comments on “BTL Diaries: Shoot Me Down, But I Won’t Fall

  1. I have two good on-line friends who are sissy wives. E-mailing on a regular basis isn’t an issue for using feminine pronouns, but when one of the girls shared about a problem with her cock, I admit that I paused for a just a second to do the blink-blink thing. So I totally get how that phrase rocks.

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