A Beautiful No: How Richard Herod III Turned a Townhome Rule Into Powerful LGBT Activism

Richard Herod III is a general manager of a Minneapolis car dealership. He’s a Big Brother. He’s a member of Children of Deaf Adults, where one of his more fun contributions is signing pop songs on YouTube. He kickboxes and does autocross racing. And after November 6, 2012, he can add being a successful political activist to his life resume.

Herod started the Vote No: Taking It To The Streets car campaign in Minnesota, a movement which eventually included 300 vehicles across the state and raised $17,000 for Minnesotans United for All Families, a coalition of organizations, community, and business leaders determined to defend and secure marriage equality in Minnesota.

It all started when someone told him no.

“I went to a Human Rights Campaign dinner, and the Minnesota representative Keith Ellington gave a speech talking about how gays and lesbians are the last group of people that are legal to discriminate against. All of a sudden it hit me that wow, that’s right. He said everyone gets to a point in their life where decide it’s their time to stand up. And I thought to myself, if not now, when?”

Read the full article at Coffee & Porn in the Morning: A Beautiful No: How Richard Herod III Turned a Townhome Rule Into Powerful LGBT Activism.

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