Shameless plug: Go vote for my husband.

My husband entered this contest with the cover for his annual mixtape CD he gives to our family of choice at Christmas. I wasn’t allowed to help him whore for votes sooner for fear they would see the cover before they opened their gifts, and then I just got so busy I simply forgot. I’m trying to make up for that now.

Here’s his entry:image

Here’s the original:


As you can see, he spent HOURS AND HOURS on this in photoshop, soliciting help from several online friends and one in particular really helped him bring it home. (Thanks, Holly!) In my opinion, he deserves to win because everyone else clearly just snapped a photo whereas he put in the grunt work to get ‘er done. So go vote for Dan, and feel free to RT or spread the word or share or whatever. Vote whoring, not true talent, is what will win the day, and if I can’t use my modest fame for nepotism, I don’t know what the hell it’s for.

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