More Shameless Nepotism: Now It’s My Kid

My daughter's Breyer collection, the stars of her shows.

My daughter’s Breyer collection, the stars of her shows.

I think I’ve done smaller promotions on Facebook, but my child has asked that I try and get her some views and hits, so this is a mom doing her best.

Anna the Fabulous, my number one (and only) kid, makes movies. She started watching other kids’ homemade videos on YouTube and decided, hey, I can do this! And so she does. Fabulously.

She has several different storylines and several trailers. What she’s really looking for are two things: comments and regular viewers. I think it’s safe to say the crossover from m/m romance to Breyer toy videos is low, but I do know a lot of you have children who might find my daughter’s humor and dramatic sense enjoyable. The only warning I have is that there’s a high likelihood they’ll want to make their own movies too.

The filming is an intense process that sometimes takes days. She likes to film outside, so a lot of times it’s weather dependent, though Santa brought her a stable and corral so she’s taken to making a few inside. A lot of her videos become an education, teaching her about filters and effects and how to make a cut or voiceover. She went to Apple camp last summer where she learned about iMovies, which helped her cause exponentially.

I promise in January I will do some actual blogging. In the meantime, watch my kid’s movies. Here are some of the greatest hits, but go to her channel for the full effect. Tell your children and others who like to watch YouTube.

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