Love Lessons: We’ve Got Talent

Love Lessons is my next novel, set to release on October 1. Some of you are counting the days and entertaining me greatly with your animated GIFs. Thank you for that. Love Lessons is my first New Adult title (official one—technically many of mine qualify, at least sideways), and though I know that’s not a requirement of the genre, it ended up being significantly tamer than my previous books. Though might I remind you that I thought Dance With Me was tame also, and everyone looks at me funny when I say that.

There’s a lot of promo coming over the next few months (not all the time, no worries) but in all kinds of ways and places. Some of them are quirky fun: for example, if you’d like to officially mark the torture countdown, there’s an animated countdown widget, designed by my assistant Viviana Izzo. I can’t post it here because WordPress and flash don’t get along, but she has it on her blog in the sidebar, and any day now it will be on my website too (Mark is fine-tuning as only Mark can). If you want it too, you can have it: there’s a frozen frame on FB, and if you PM me, we’ll get you taken care of. Alternately you can shoot me an email (

This post officially kicks off an every Friday series of behind-the-scenes information about Love Lessons, though you can also find this stuff regularly and in archives on my  Facebook Page. If you’ve already added it to your list of likes, thanks and awesome.  I’ve been posting daily and sharing some ‘insiders info’ with everyone from the Love Lessons playlists (Music Mondays)  to snippets on Teaser Tuesdays. Here’s some samples of the latter look like:

Teaser Tuesday 6.18.2013 Love Lessons.jpg Teaser Tuesday 6.25.2013 Love Lessons Teaser Tuesday 7.2.2013 Love Lessons Teaser Tuesday 7.9.2013 Love Lessons Teaser Tuesday 7.16.2013 Love Lessons Teaser Tuesday 7.23.2013 Love Lessons Teaser Tuesday 7.30.2013 Love Lessons

Then of course there is Eye Candy Wednesdays. This is truly the best kind of eye candy; allergy FREE, Calories FREE and Fat FREE!!  Granted, this doesn’t have anything to do with Love Lessons per say, but both Walter and Kelly know when a guy is Talent, and I believe they would agree with the selection thus far.

IMG_0830This segues into my first behind-the-scenes tidbit for you: the origin of Talent, a term I blatantly stole from Damon Suede and used liberally in Love Lessons. I don’t care if we’re in an airport, on the streets of Atlanta, or wandering Target, Damon can spot it at twenty paces and tells me so. Once I even got a text that he was “sitting next to Talent” on the plane. This is a game he plays with a local friend, but somehow I got into the fun as well. And I certainly don’t mind at all.

Walter isn’t a carbon copy of Damon, but they’d certainly cut up a dance floor well together and work a room until it hurt from awesome. Giving the Talent game to Walter was a nod to one of my best friends, my partner in crime, my papi. Come to think of it, neither one of them can resist a shy boy, either. Huh. The more I think of it, the more I realize that whole character was a love letter.

Well, papi, hope you enjoy Walter. And thank you for sharing your talent, in every way that you do.

(Side note: He has a release coming this fall too, which I’m sure you’ll be hearing about shortly. It. Is. Fantastic. In the meantime if you haven’t read Hot Head or Horn Gate, you should.)

But wait, there’s more.

2013 has been officially been declared the year I hire experts. I told you in the last post about my new web guy, and above I mentioned my assistant Viviana. In addition to Heidi-Wrangling she and her company Enchantress of Blog Tours is helping me with an official blog tour and promo push for Love Lessons.  There are 3 different ones:

Promotional Spotlight Tour Banner

Promotional Spotlight Tour occurring every Thursday, now until Sept. 26.
To participate, fill out the form:

Love Lessons Release Day Blitz Badge

Release Day Blitz on Oct. 1, 2013
To participate, fill out the form:

Love Lessons Blog Tour Banner

Love Lessons is also going on the official, traditional release tour Oct. 8 through Nov. 5. We’ll have guest posts, author interviews, reviews, and more. Who knows, maybe Kelly and Walter will also participate.

There’s plenty of room at this party. If you’re a blogger and want to participate, fill out the form:

It also so happens that August 25 is my fortieth birthday. It’s a milestone, and I had this idle thought one day that I should do something for it like have a reader party or something, but I got overwhelmed just thinking about it, so it was going to die in committee. Except the committee now contains Viviana. All I said in email was something like, “So it’s my fortieth birthday, and I thought maybe we could do something, but I don’t know what.” Next thing I know we’re doing this:


You’ll need to visit the Facebook page to participate, but basically there’s a giveaway either every day or darn close to it. Many incredible thanks to my friends who donated prizes. I feel all verklempt. It’s already started, so hurry on over and get yourself in line for the Rafflecopter.

In the meantime, yes, the promo machine for Love Lessons continues merrily on. If you haven’t already added it to your Goodreads’ “Want to read” shelf“, I certainly won’t stop you, and if you post a GIF I’ll probably come back often to squee at it. While you’re on Goodreads, if this is one of your most anticipated gay romance books to be released this year, then cast your vote on “Can’t Wait M/M Romance of 2013.” It will make Viviana (and me) very happy.

Remember, you can pre-order Love Lessons now:



Samhain: (I think it’s still wishlist there, but I know some of you want to buy direct, so you can at least add it that way if you want.)

ALSO. Last night I discovered something amazing on Amazon. Look, will you, at this (Click to make bigger):

amazon screenshot

DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?! Oh my god, I went crazy, adding authors to get email notifications from. I literally shook with excitement. Who hasn’t gone mad trying to make sure they haven’t missed something from their favorite author? You can click the like button too, which is fun, but mostly I’m all over that email notification.

Now, I think, authors, this means we have to remember to add our books to our author page, and we have to have an author page. R. Cooper, I despair. I wanted to add you…

In closing: Facebook page. Lots of blog tour stuff. Giveaways. Preorders. Email notifications. And Talent.


Damon Suede and Heidi Cullinan, RT13

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