From Atlanta With Love: GRLs Supporting Authors Have a Present for You, and Now So Do I

ETA: I’m expanding this contest until the swag packages arrive from Atlanta. So you can still enter, and spread the word if you’d like to.

The other day I was happily scrolling through Facebook when I discovered a post from K-Lee Klein, one of the supporting authors at GayRomLit. Look what they’re doing!

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This is Cate Ashwood’s brainchild: she was trying to come up with swag, and since everything she’d ever heard or read said her work was her best advertisement (wise, and true), she set about making a sample booklet to be given out during the Supporting Author signing.  She asked around her fellow supporting authors, and this is the list of who took the bait:

  • Simone Anderson
  • Cate Ashwood
  • Heidi Belleau
  • Lex Chase
  • Jacob Z. Flores
  • M.C. Houle
  • A.J. Kelton
  • Venona Keyes
  • Pearl Love
  • Edmond Manning
  • Anna Martin
  • Rowan McAllister
  • S.A. McAuley
  • Madison Parker
  • Tali Spencer
  • Lily Velden
  • Lynley Wayne
Back Blurb:
Writing is a solitary activity, and yet authors would be useless without readers to devour the words they create.  GayRomLit brings the two together; a community made up of people with different tastes and styles, from all over the world, all with one thing in common: a passion for romance.
From science fiction to urban fantasy, from historical to paranormal to contemporary, enjoy an eclectic collection of stories and excerpts from eighteen of the supporting authors attending GayRomLit 2013 in Atlanta.
Here’s what Cate had to say when I asked her about it:
“Each author has at least one excerpt or story in the book, which ended up being 180 pages, and we’ll be giving them out to readers for free. L.C. Chase did the cover for us (and I think she did an absolutely fantastic job) and I’ve ordered 200 copies. They should be arriving at the Melia sometime before GRL, and I was hoping to have a pile in the swag room, a small stack with each of the participating authors.”
Here’s why I love this so much.
Cate’s right: putting the work out there is the best ad, because the hands-down best way to make sales is to get readers talking about you. I did all manner of promo and ads and work for Special Delivery at its release, which had absolutely zero effect. It wasn’t until readers began to pass it around that it took off. Which is why my biggest promotion is to be liberal with bloggers regarding ARCs (and why one of my firmest contract points now is that I’m with a publisher who provides them).  But what I love most about this is these authors actively taking advantage of their showcased opportunity.
The supporting author signing is Thursday morning: this is the time when attendees rove the swag room, hungry to make contacts and find authors. Rather than being lost in a sea of one hundred, the supporting authors are showcased at this time. Contact with them can be intimate and lengthy–these are the rising stars, authors with only a few books under their belts. I know a lot of these names already, and I can tell you, they’re people to watch.
These seventeen authors took their highlighted status and used it to make a gift to readers. Yes, it’s promotion, but it’s the best promotion: here we are. Try us out. I seriously love this so much I can’t even talk about it coherently.
I told them I’m totally down for a copy and I’m happy to boost their signal. I think they’re considering making it available electronically after the con, but in case they’re not, I’m going to try and let those of you who can’t attend still play along.
Leave a comment on this post to win one of three GayRomLit swag packs, with all the goodies I can find from the swag room, including three (signed, of course!) copies of this booklet. This is an international contest.
I’ll leave this contest open until the day I come back: October 20  the swag packages arrive from Atlanta, which will probably be around the 25 or 28th. After they arrive, I’ll pull names and mail them out. Now, if I can score a book or two, mine or otherwise, I will, but I can’t promise that. I’ll put some of my own stuff in there as far as swag, but the what exactly will be a surprise.
Authors, if you read this and want to hand me signed swag or something ready to ship, go ahead and plan on that. You don’t have to tell me, you can just get it to me there.
So long as you’re signed in to wordpress, you don’t have to leave your email, just your name. If you’re worried about making sure I have it, email me, though still leave your comment here because I’ll just random number generate it from the comments. Feel free to spread the word however you like.
Later this weekend I will do one more behind-the-scenes post for Love Lessons. It was due today, but I am still behind. In the meantime, check out these authors, and get yourself entered in the contest.

30 Comments on “From Atlanta With Love: GRLs Supporting Authors Have a Present for You, and Now So Do I

  1. I agree that an author’s work is the best advertisement. I usually only buy a book after I’ve read an excerpt, although I do have must-buy authors that I purchase regardless.

  2. This is great! I have found many authors from the free reads in the mm romance group on GR as well. The bits are perfect to get a taste of the writing style to see if you would move on. AND I love this because I can’t go to GRL as much as I would love to. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Sara Stanton

  3. What a great offer. I love it when I find an author through a shor such as the M/M group Love Has no Bounds stories. Wish I was going to GRL. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Absolutely fantastic idea! Really looking forward to my 1st GRL and now more excited to get my hands on this little nugget of stories. Will definitely be at the supporting author signing 😀

  5. Wish I could attend. What these authors are doing is sooo smart, and generous. Have a wonderful time!

  6. I love this idea!  I’m really looking forward to the supporting author event bc I felt like I missed many of these people last year. I will defiantly be looking to grab a copy of this. 🙂

    Oh, and please exclude me from the contest. 

  7. This is fabulous of you Heidi! I have chapter books for my fantasy novels I give out at the coms, and saw several MM authors doing the same at GRNW. Of course I smacked my forehead… why didn’t I do that for my MM! They are really a wonderful swag item readers adore. Have fun… I plan to be there next year!

  8. I love this! The MM Romance group’s free read series really showed me so many new to me authors, the best way! I won’t be attending GRL, a combination of long time underemployment and a very conservative family that would ask questions. Y’all will be having a great time and I’ll be reading the tweets! 😉 I would love a chance to have some con swag! Thanks for the contest!

  9. I hadn’t seen this Heidi!! Thanks for the link! I hope y’all have a blast in the ATL and don’t work too hard. I’ll miss everyone, but look forward to the reports 🙂 I’m officially entered now, right?

    Blessings, Jenn 🙂

  10. This is such a lovely idea! I hope that you and all the other authors have a great time at GRL. Thank you for letting us all know about this book project! Enjoy the conference!

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