Love Lessons is Out, Books are Finalists, Honorables are Mentioned, and also Cake.

This is going to be one of those mish-mash posts like Neil Gaiman does only not half as amazing or epic. Sometimes I wonder if checking him out at the grocery store requires a pause for resonance. I’d totally buy it.


That book I’ve been talking about constantly for months on end is for sale. Everywhere, or nearly so. I think there’s a slight delay on ARe, but everywhere else the pre-orders are shipped, the links are live, all systems go. Because it must be done, here are the links:

Samhain, Amazon, Nook, website, Goodreads. ARe keep searching for it, it’ll be there soon. I tried to link to my author page there but I lack skilz.

In case you have had your eyes closed the last three-four months on this blog, this is what the book looks like.


If you want an excerpt, this is the first bit, this is a smexy bit, this is my favorite excerpt, and I think there’s more out there but I don’t think I have a link handy.

There. Release. Boom. Done.

The Rainbow Awards finalists were announced today as well. Honorable Mentions went up a few days ago, but I am disorganized and didn’t get to mentioning them. Tons and tons and tons of great books. So much incredible work by Elisa as always. Thank you so much, you sainted, lovely woman.

Dirty Laundry, Family Man, and Second Hand are all as both honorable mentions and finalists. Family Man and Second Hand get to duke it out against each other (along with Lori Witt, so it’s a Tucker Springs Thunderdome).  Wonderful, amazing books in both erotic romance and gay contemporary. Real winners here? Readers.

But now the important part of the blog. CAKE.

LOLcat - CakeA day doesn’t go by without someone posting on my FB wall, emailing me, tweeting me, PMing me, sometimes all the above with a healthy food link, especially kale. People also have started asking me for kale recipes. I’ll do a post on that, actually, eventually. Probably.

But what I’m really jonesing for? Cake.

All the cake. Pancake (ate one this morning that had milk and almond, and now I’m all queasy-gross), brownie, but above all CAKE, layered or otherwise. Chocolate cake, vanilla cake, just cake. Vegan and gluten free cake. Cupcakes are cool, but I want cake. I refuse to go without cake.

I admit I have not looked far. I have yet to play with all the flours, and I get I’m going to need to drop $100 and get ready to waste half of it trying to learn how to cook dessert again. But I know some of you have already done this.

Tell me about your cake.

That’s it for this blog update. I’m still supposed to be talking behind the scenes but I think maybe everyone is over it. I have a cool thing about campus traditions and superstitions I will eventually post, and Viviana found a bunch of other ones, but for now let’s just sit here with release day and have cake. And kale. But not at the same time.


10 Comments on “Love Lessons is Out, Books are Finalists, Honorables are Mentioned, and also Cake.

  1. Cake. I don’t know how well this will work for you, but I’ve been making it blissfully for weeks now. Here’s the link to the original recipie I’ve been making it with coconut flour not protein powder. Also, if you sub nutella in for the almond butter it tastes exactly like brownie cake. I’m not a huge fan of raisins, so I’ve used a half cup of whatever- butterscotch chips and walnuts is my favorite. Also, I’ve always kept carrots as the base, but I’ve added in apple (yum) zucchini (fine) and I’m planning to try it with a leafy green and see what happens. I haven’t fussed with frostings because it hasn’t seemed to need it, but having recently found out my health issues are largely caused by a wheat allergy, this recipe alone has gone a long way to curing my craving for cake.

  2. For gluten free baking, I think it’s easiest to start with gf cake mixes or at least all purpose gf flour mixes – that way you don’t have to drive all over creation looking for sorghum flour or some other obscure and expensive alternate flours to make one recipe you’re not even sure you’ll like. From the mixes you can get a sense of what flours and combinations you like -i.e. some people like the texture of bean flours but others think the flavor is too strong / bean-y, some people love xantham gum but others think it feels slippery in their mouth, etc. Most successful recipes will combine a few gf flours to try to get a good texture, but honestly, texture is really personal and it will take some experimentation to find textures that seem right to you.

    I really like the Namaste gf cake mixes – their spice cake mix is amazing (it does call for eggs, but on their FAQ page they suggest some egg replacements – Good luck! It will get easier.

    • I’ve heard a lot of recs for Namaste. I’m learning a thick flax egg is pretty much as good as the real deal, so I’ll give it a go! Thank you. ❤

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