Games to Play With Stuff to Win

Two events start today, and they allow you to play around with some trivia, have some fun, and win prizes from me and other authors of all kinds and stripes. 

The Romance Reviews Year End Splash:



You’ll need to create an account and log in to play, but I encourage you to do so. Some great prizes there! My event is today—you’ll recognize me in question number 13.


The other event this month, starting today, is Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards Pre-Party and Seventh Anniversary.



This one is also a kind of scavenger hunt, also involves book prizes, and also lasts all of November. I’ve donated a prize, but you’ll have to play along to find out what book and what day.

Now I will go back to work while you play. It’s my hope that by the end of November I have two finished drafts and you have the entire Special Delivery series available for preorder. If you want to see how those drafts are going, you can track me finishing Fever Pitch here and Sleigh Ride here. Or you can just sit back and wait until you can one-click the books into your lap and keep yourself amused with contests and games until then. Whatever makes you happy, baby.


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