With one comment you can help change the world.

The other day I started following @limecello on Twitter. I’d seen her retweeted and referenced and in conversations with a lot of other people I like, so I gave her a follow. Yesterday I tweeted at her, wanting to commiserate over something she was frustrated about…and then after I realized my tweet was clumsy and made it sound like I was glad she was angry, so I clarified. She replied with a laugh and said she was also upset about SMSG. I wanted to play along, but man I had nothing. So I googled.



I was pretty sure none of this was what she meant, so I cried uncle and asked. She sent me this.

SMSG has nothing to do with math or business, thank god: it’s Social Media for Social Good, and apparently she does this every year. The idea is to get social media involved: people have pledged to donate at certain levels, one can donate directly at any time, and you can raise money by doing one simple thing which costs you nothing.


Go to Limecello’s post. This year the cause is stopping human trafficking. If you can’t read it very long, if the stories about human trafficking stress you out, scroll to the bottom and comment and run. Or donate and comment and run. Or pledge. But at bare minimum please comment. Consider reblogging this post or posting your own or reblogging her, or retweet this or SOMETHING. It needs comments–all these people have pledged, but not enough people have commented to trigger the pledges.

What I am hoping for is this: the gay romance community, our fantastic little tribe, is big. We are ALL ABOUT social justice. This is bread and butter here, meat and potatoes (or lentil loaf and potatoes if you’re veg). We got this.

I pledge $50 when the comments hit 500. I’m leaving my comment today, but I’m making that pledge too. Doesn’t matter how broke you are: just leave a comment, and you’ve helped raise money for the cause.

Let’s do this.


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