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The book release is imminent, so you knew this was coming: the book tour, it comes as reliable as the tide. Below is a list with links to everything you can expect starting Wednesday. Blog posts, excerpts, spotlights, even some recipes. If you hustle, you can get over to Stumbling Over Chaos in time to maybe win a copy. Also don’t be shy about shopping around. Samhain is pretty cheap right now, unless you’re set on buying from a publisher.

Thanks to everyone participating! Happy touring, and happy reading.

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The weather outside is frightful, but this Minnesota Northwoods cabin is getting pretty hot.

Stylist Frankie Blackburn never meant to get lost in Logan, Minnesota, but his malfunctioning GPS felt otherwise, and a record-breaking snowfall ensures he won’t be heading back to Minneapolis anytime soon. Being rescued by three sexy lumberjacks is fine as a fantasy, but in reality the biggest of the bears is awfully cranky and seems ready to gobble Frankie right up.

Marcus Gardner wasn’t always a lumberjack—once a high-powered Minneapolis lawyer, he’s come home to Logan to lick his wounds, not play with a sassy city twink who might as well have stepped directly out of his past. But as the northwinds blow and guards come down, Frankie and Marcus find they have a lot more in common than they don’t. Could the man who won’t live in the country and the man who won’t go back to the city truly find a home together? Because the longer it snows, the deeper they fall in love, and all they want for Christmas is each other.

Warning: Contains power outages, excessive snowfall, and incredibly sexy bears


Buy/Book Links: Amazon, B&N, Samhain, Goodreads, Excerpt

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