Special Delivery Series Tour Is Coming

Nothing like the last minute, but here we go: Old Blue is on the road, coming to a blog near you. The schedule is below, and it’s incredibly long—thank you to all the bloggers who signed on to participate! If you’re not on this list and you want to be, as you can see there’s still a little room, so let me know and I’ll set you up.

You’ll get all kinds of posts on this tour: a lot of interviews, reviews, and some reminiscing especially during the first two months, as Special Delivery and Double Blind are re-releases. I’ll be doing things on this blog as well, so watch this space (if you don’t want to miss it, remember that WordPress lets you get blog post notifications), including some contests, some games, and hopefully some reader participation, including guest posts.

Which, speaking of: I started working on that project and then realized I had a book to finish, but as soon as that’s done I’m going to start actively looking for people to interview the boys, give their review of the books/reactions/whatever, help find trivia, and in general have some fun. I went round and round about where to do that, considering all the social media options, but I hated how FB could cut us off because they felt like it, I knew not everyone loves Goodreads, and I’m painfully aware of how much I hate Yahoo groups. To that end, I started a forum on my website, which you can see if you go here. I could set it up so you auto-sign on, but that means we will be inundated by spammers and possibly haters, so to avoid that I’ve set it up so you have to be added manually, most likely by my husband, who is monitoring the assist@heidicullinan.com email. All you have to do to join the forum is email that and tell him what username you want, and off you go. You can even change your username if you want once you get in, and you can add an avatar, whatever you like. Tell him too if you’re a reader or a blogger (you can be both) so he tags you for the right boards. Also, give him a few hours to add you, as he is sometimes living his secret identity of a mild-mannered hospital pharmacist or is busy being Superdad. Or he might be doing the dishes. He does a lot of dishes.

I don’t know how well the forum thing will work out, but it was the solution I could come up with.  If you’ve been on the forum for a while, now there’s a menu bar so you can get in easier, and a login on the side of the forum page. If you have any trouble email me or that assist email. If you have suggestions, email them too. For now you have to check the forum to see if anything’s updated, though I can change that if you like.

That’s also where I will be having Q&As, which I’ll announce on twitter, social media, etc, and probably here too. You can also sign up for my regular newsletter and the Special Delivery specific promotions one, which will probably only get notifications when I’m about to do things on the forum specific to fun and games.

Meanwhile, get ready for some blog posts! You can check back here to track the stops, and I’ll try to keep these updated as they go live, but if not poke around a bit on the blogs to find the posts. You might find something else you like to read too, while you’re there. There’s also a calendar on my website, which is slowly being updated to include blog tours, upcoming events, and release dates.

Special Delivery Series FB header_edited-1


January 24: Boys in Our Books
January 25-26: Tara Lain
January 27: The Blogger Girls
January 29: Risqué Redhead Reads 
January 30: Fiction Vixen Post
January 31: Gay List Book Reviews

February 1: Sinfully Sexy 
February 3: Boy Meets Boy
February 4: Joyfully Jay Post
February 4: Penny Reads Romance Spotlight
February 5: Sid Love Event
February 6: Novel Approach Event
February 7: Prism Book Alliance 
February 8: ZA Maxfield
February 10: Cup o’ Porn Spotlight
February 11: TT Kove 
February 12: Tipsy Bibliophile Event
February 13: 3 Chicks After Dark
February 14: Penny Reads Romance
February 24: The Blogger Girls
February 28: Sinfully Sexy

March 1: Gay List Book Reviews
March 2: Boy Meets Boy
March 3: Joyfully Jay
March 4: Book Reviews & More by Kathy
March 5: Sid Love Event
March 6: Novel Approach Event
March 7: Prism Book Alliance
March 10: Cup o’ Porn Spotlight
March 11: Under the Covers Character Interview
March 12: TT Kove
March 13: 3 Chicks After Dark
March 14: Risqué Redhead Reads
March 31: The Blogger Girls

April 2: Boy Meets Boy
April 3: Penny Reads Romance
April 4: Tipsy Bibilophile Event
April 5: Sinfully Sexy Event
April 6: The Blogger Girls
April 6: Boy Meets Boy
April 7: Sid Love Event
April 8: Book Reviews & More by Kathy
April 9: Joyfully Jay
April 10: Novel Approach
April 11: Cup o’ Porn Spotlight
April 12: Prism Book Alliance
April 14: TT Kove
April 15: 3 Chicks After Dark
April 16: Risqué Redhead Reads


May 13-18: Romantic Times Book Convention (New Orleans, LA)

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