Special Delivery is For Sale Again, and Sam Keller is Giving a Q&A

After almost a year of absence, Special Delivery is back in online stores, and Old Blue is rolling down the road once more. There’s a special event today I’ll talk about at the end, so if you’re skimming, scroll to the pic of Sam.

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Buy links: SamhainAmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads

First chapter excerpt on my website

You might have noticed there are a lot of contests and giveaways for the book, and there’s another one today. (Might, in fact, be more than one.) This is all happening on the blog tour, which I’ve made a static page for on my website. As a housekeeping note, I’m leaving that page up for all time, and as new books and new tours show up, that’s where you can find out about them. You can also check out the calendar to check out tour stops and any local appearances I might be making.

Note for bloggers: In my constant quest to streamline the blog tour/promo process for both of us, I’ve started a newsletter just for bloggers. Anyone with a blog can join. I’ll still post calls on social media before tours, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, that’s the place to sign up. My goal is next round to have forms and options in place so I don’t have to do what I’m doing this time, which is keep emailing people because I lost the email where you said what we were doing. This way too, if you want to pass for a particular book, all you have to do is ignore the newsletter.

About the reissue: I get a lot of questions about the reissues, people wondering if they should re-buy because the content will be different. As far as content in Special Delivery, no, it’s not different. It’s tighter and better all around but not altered in any way you’ll notice, I’m sure–unless you’re a fussy edit person like me and like tighter writing. Honestly–if you have the original and you want to use it as an exercise in edits, you could hold the new one up to the old one and see what got cut/switched/changed and see if that spurs your own editing mojo. Or you can stay as you are.

What I will say is I want people to buy it because I want to thank Samhain for letting me revisit these books with an editor I love beyond words and giving me space for book three—so if you don’t want a new copy but want to give one to a friend, I won’t stand in your way at all. If you can’t afford to do that/want to thank them another way, leave a review somewhere and tag them on twitter or just drop them a line on social media (buttons on right hand corner, though they also have a Pinterest) and say, “Thanks!” Or you can go on your merry way because mostly I want you happily reading books. No obligation necessary.

About where to buy: Another frequent question I get is where to buy the books. The answer is, wherever you want and is easiest for you. Technically Samhain and I both make the most money when you buy direct from them, but it’s not a huge difference, and they would join me in saying, “Shop where you like to shop.” I will say that Samhain is cheapest initially during the new release phase, allows preorders, and your initial order will come with a HUGE discount which will make you pile books in your cart like nobody’s business.

That said, when you buy at Amazon or Nook or ARe I go up and down on the bestseller charts on those sites, which is good as well, and all those numbers from all retailers get reported to big lists like USA Today and NYT, which I totally intend to hit someday, because would that not kick ass. So as long as you’re buying the thing, wherever you get it is fine. And if you’re downloading it illegally because you’re in a country where buying it could get you killed/stalked, please be careful. Please be so very careful. (I’m so sorry to say that’s not a joke.)

Sam Keller avatarSam Keller is having a Q&A. I announced this in various places on social media, but today at 3PM CST until whenever I’m too tired to continue, and probably drizzling into the next day, Sam Keller will be at this link taking your questionsPlease come ask him questions. I set it up thinking it would be a fun game, but as I’ve discussed a bit in the past, my characters are often very loud in my head, and telling Sam he can come out and play live with people has been a bit like giving him speed. I can tell all I’ll get done today is let him find stuff to show you in the forum, and if no one asks him questions he’ll have a broken heart.

The forum is public, so you can lurk as much as you like, but to ask questions/comment (please ask questions, OMG, this was the dumbest idea ever, he’s peeing himself with excitement and driving me crazy) you’ll have to get an account by emailing assist@heidicullinan.com, wherein my dear husband Dan will set you up with a username and password. He’s off today so I’ll have him man the forum at that time. But you need an account to comment because otherwise the whole forum will be spam, or so my webmaster tells me. There are other forums in there too, so you might find something/someone fun. But Sam is there today. And…probably someone else will be there tomorrow. Someone who, I’m quite sure, will not be a rabid squirrel in my head.

Thus endeth the release day blog post. Check out the blog tour, come talk to Sam, and happy reading/re-reading!

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