Release Day, A Special Delivery Quiz, Blog & FB Takeovers, Blogger Newsletters & Stuff Like That

If you have read my newsletter that just went out, you know a lot of this already. Or rather, all of it. A small summary of what you deleted without reading, skimmed, or just experienced.

  • Tough Love is out. Several of you stayed up late to download and read. I send you virtual coffee.
  • I’m taking over Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews blog and Facebook Wednesday. There will be a quiz. That quiz will tell you what SD character you are. Be there or be sadpants.
  • There’s a newsletter just for bloggers. I keep saying that because I think somehow you all keep signing up for the regular newsletter instead, which is awesome, but this is the one you want, guys. Seriously.
  • There will be Tough Love buddy reads, character Q&As, and the usual on my forum. Email and my sexy husband Dan will get you a login or help you if you forgot yours. But you have to wait until he’s done saving the world, one drug at a time.
  • The Bad in Baltimore buddy read is still going on. We’re in book two and will switch over to book 3 soon. Book 4 out next week! Same drill as above: email to get in.
  • I will be in a lot of places, virtual and actual this year. You can read about that in the sidebar of the newsletter, as well has experience much linkage to books you can buy/download for free of mine and ones which you’ll be able to purchase soon. Ish. This year.

I will let you read the newsletter to experience all of that in detail. But because it’s release day and it’s probably a law somewhere, here is the cover of the book, again, and the blurb, again, and the linkage, again.

Do check the blog tour. There are a TON of posts today, and giveaways at all of them. A lot of the giveaways are doing all three books, so you can try for second editions if you don’t have them, or ammo to infect a friend.


Book Three of the Special Delivery Series

It takes a strong man to be this fabulous.

Crescencio “Chenco” Ortiz pulled himself up by his garter straps after his father’s will yanked the financial rug from under his spank-me pumps. He doesn’t need anyone, yet when Steve Vance steps into his life, the prospect of having a sexy leather daddy on tap begins to take on a certain appeal.

There’s a hitch when he learns Steve is friends with Mitch Tedsoe—the half-brother Chenco never knew except through his father’s twisted lies. Despite his reservations, soon Chenco is living his dreams, including a performing gig in Vegas. Now if only he could get Steve to see him as more than just a boy in need of saving.

Steve’s attraction to Chenco is overshadowed by too many demons, ones he knows his would-be lover is too young to slay. Yet as he gets to know the bright, determined young man whose drag act redefines fierce, Steve’s inner sadist trembles with need. He begins to realize Chenco’s relentless tough love might be the only thing that will finally set him free.

Warning: This story contains glamorous drag queens, exhibitionist secondary characters, and no-holds-barred BDSM play, including watersports. Readers advised they may well leave this novel feeling uncharacteristically fierce.

Buy links: SamhainAmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads

Excerpt on Heidi’s website

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