Forum Stuff: Character Interviews and Buddy Reads (Tough Love and Bad In Baltimore)

I will admit I’m posting this here so I can disseminate it to Facebook and Twitter and all the places this stuff usually goes. And to you, blog readers. Basically this is to let you know


  1. The Bad In Baltimore buddy read continues. We’re finishing book two. We’re starting book three. KA is scheduled to do another contest there, maybe tomorrow? I need to email her…
  2. There is a Tough Love buddy read thread too. Someone has even started a conversation, and I’m all bouncy because she’s bringing up the plot line I really, really wanted to talk about. So come talk too so it’s just just the two of us. Except I’m not sure if she wants me to talk yet. I have to go ask that. Which is another email or post. So this blog post is now giving me a to-do list.
  3. There’s a Q&A with any character from the Special Delivery series. So far everyone but Crabtree and Mitch have shown up. Feel free to try and change that. Technically I said that closes tomorrow night but you can ask whenever, really.
  4. There is a Special Delivery Quiz. It will tell you what character you are. I’m Randy. No one is surprised.


That’s about it. I have a crazy stupid to-do list and someday may blog something that’s not promo, not me carrying on about my health, and not a cat death. Speaking of all those things: Sidney is still here, though beginning to wane a bit. He’s taken to peeing in the wrong places, which makes life fun. But he still coos and follows me around and looks at me adoringly, and he seems happy outside of the weird peeing and getting his fluids, so I’ll take it. Me: I’m okay. Fighting Blue Cross Blue Shield about a drug, scheduling surgery (July) and trying not to take too much Percocet. I’ve been trying to eat healthy, and mostly I’ve done well, except for tonight when dinner was a stack of Lays chips, a 20 oz Squirt, and 4 green Peeps. I ate a chia bar mostly in an attempt to apologize to my body.

Promo continues. Still several days left on the blog tour, lots of reviews all over the place but I have not yet managed to get them on the website because I am drowning in to-do things still. But I shall soon be ready for RT, all the books will be edited and proofed and ready to go for you all the way through the end of the year. Plus I’m working on things for next year. The wheel rolls on. With or without uterus.


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