Talk of Iowa Talks About Romance, Books Out, Books for Preorder, Books Recommended, and Other Things Happening Right Now

Tomorrow morning at 10AM I’ll be live on Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa program talking about romance novels. You can listen live here, or wait and when I have a link, I’ll post it for you. It’ll be on that main page above. They’re doing a bit about Dorothy Parker first, which I’m totally psyched about. I never thought I’d have this small a degree of separation from her.

MilesMagicFlute_cvrI’ve had a book come out: a re-release, Miles and the Magic Flute, from Wilde City Press. It has JUST gone up for sale on Amazon, and I’m sure everything else will be along shortly. There’s a blog tour going on right now, where you can read guest posts, excerpts, and maybe win a copy. Print books will be coming along soon, and I’ll let you know when all of that happens. This book is romance, but it’s also paranormal, almost fantasy. “Kinky Narnia” is how I usually describe it, but it’s also an exploration of disappointment and sorrow. But with a happy ending, of course.

I have also been reading, and while I wanted to give this book a better review, I’m going to have to settle for a lightning round. I read Stuff by Josephine Myles,  the sequel to Junk, and I found it utterly charming. I do love a good bisexual hero, and Perry is definitely that. He’s also a slightly distracted, socially awkward hero. I had a hard time following Mas’s narrative at times, as he was such a ping pong ball in every scene he controlled, but watching the two of them fumble into their happily ever after was so much fun I started reading it again as soon as I finished the first round. If you’re looking for a quirky, quaint, feel-good read—with a healthy dose of British charm—this is a book to pick up.

I’ve been offline this past week as I remodeled our basement, turning the dead zone for things we were too lazy to throw away/pack up into a beautiful guest suite and movie room. This involved clearing out a lot of crap, ripping up old moldy carpet, and sealing and painting miles and miles of wood paneling. The space looks amazing now and we don’t even have the flooring in yet. When I’m all done, I’ll post pictures.

Fever Pitch cover Heidi CullinanI’m working on Carry the Ocean right now, as well as Love Lessons #3, though I’m still floundering a bit on that one. HOWEVER, Love Lessons #2, Fever Pitch, is available for preorder right now on Amazon, which means the others aren’t far behind.

And that about sums things up for me here. Now I have to go finish painting my steps before the carpeting comes tomorrow and finish crash-studying for my radio interview. Stay tuned.

One Comment on “Talk of Iowa Talks About Romance, Books Out, Books for Preorder, Books Recommended, and Other Things Happening Right Now

  1. Don’t stress too hard about the radio interview. I just did one and despite my nerves, I had a good time…well, other than calling the interviewer BY THE WRONG NAME on the air! Just breath a lot, and try to enjoy your moment in the sun!
    As for the remodeling, you’re a better woman than me! I let my husband do all of that, mostly because he knows how and I don’t. But also because, as he says, I’m missing a “female gene”, in that I really don’t care what color the rooms are, what’s on the floor, what the furniture looks like, etc. I really don’t. I do, however, have other fine qualities, since we’ve been married a long time!

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