#IndieFirst: Join Our Ames Event

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On November 29, 2014, at Firehouse Books in Ames, Iowa, I’ll be hosting an #IndieFirst Author and Indie Bookseller Event.

This is all Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer’s fault, though I’ve been meaning to do a local event in central Iowa for some time. Right now all I know is that it’s being held at Firehouse Books in Ames, Iowa, on November 29. I’m assuming afternoon but honestly I’m not even that far into firm details. I will be there, and a lot of people are interested, but largely everything is still unfolding.

Did you read this and get very excited because you really, really want to come, either as a reader or an author*, or simply a local supporter? Fantastic. Fill out this form, an interest survey that will help me better plan and define the event. Also consider joining this mailing list, which will keep you up to date as details emerge. That list won’t be shared with any authors, or the bookstore, and you won’t be added to my author mailing list either. (This means, too, if you’re on MY mailing list, you need to join this one also to get information on the event.)

I’ll eventually put info on this blog and on flyers around town too, when I have more details. In the meantime, sign up for more news, fill out the inquiry form, and we’ll get this party started.


*I’m taking ALL interested inquiries for attending authors, but I’m leaving the final decision up to the bookstore owner, both in number and attendees. I can’t promise anyone a spot. This is a used bookstore also selling new releases, which means there are a lot of ordering and selling options. I’m especially interested in Iowa and very local authors at least stopping by, even if you only have ebook flats to share. This event is about showcasing independent booksellers, and hopefully we can toss a bit of money at a local charity as well.

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