Piles and Piles of Books: The Library Contest is Ready to Ship!

I’ve been waiting a month to do this post. Seriously. SO. EXCITED.

For my birthday this year, I curated a contest for libraries, and I invited authors to donate books in addition to the ones I was donating. But then I realized there were only ten libraries who entered, and I couldn’t pick just five. I put out a plea for more donations, and people responded like crazyreaders especially. I would say a good 75% of the donations are from readers alone. Here’s a list of who donated: authors, publishers, and readers. (And if in the chaos I missed you, please let me know, and I’ll add you!)

Here’s what they donated.


Impressive, yes? Here’s how it looks divvied up.


Library winner pack #1: Blue Island Library, Blue Island, Illinois



Library winner pack #2: Waterford Township Public Library, Waterford, Michigan



Library winner pack #3: Borgarbókasafnið, Reykjavík, Iceland


Library winner pack #4: SUNY Potsdam College Libraries, Potsdam, New York


Library winner pack #5: Milwaukee LGBT Community Center Library, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Library winner pack #6: Columbia Public Library, Columbia, Missouri


Library winner pack #7: Farmington Community Library, Farmington Hills, Michigan


Library winner pack #8: Fayette County Public Libraries, Oak Hill, West Virginia


Library winner pack #9: Troy Public Library, Troy, Michigan


Library winner pack #10: Tigard City Library, Tigard, Oregon



Is that not AMAZING?

THANK YOU to all the authors, publishers, and above all READERS who contributed books. I’ll be packaging them up today and hopefully mailing them, if not I’ll do that next week.






7 Comments on “Piles and Piles of Books: The Library Contest is Ready to Ship!

  1. I’m a bit sad that only 10 libraries participated, but on the other hand I’m happy that this way everyone got books :). I hope the readers will enjoy these new books

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