Going to GRL? Challenge Randy Jansen to a Game.

In less than twenty-four hours, the family Cullinan will leave from Iowa and head to the GayRomLit Retreat in Bloomingdale, Illinois. We’ll arrive Wednesday night, and we’ll be leaving Saturday evening by seven at the latest so I can swing by and see my grandmother on Sunday afternoon, hopefully in her home, not the care center she’s currently recovering in.

You can find me anywhere at the retreat, and please come and say hi to me. In fact, I have a little game I’ll be playing with retreat-goers. This will be posted in my swag area, but in the meantime:

Let’s Play a Game

I’ll be playing this game at my signing table too as long as I don’t have a line at that moment–anytime you see the deck of cards, it’s fair game to play. If you’re not able to attend the retreat but are in the Chicago area, the Saturday afternoon signing is open to the public. Please stop by!

One Comment on “Going to GRL? Challenge Randy Jansen to a Game.

  1. This makes me sad I’m not able to go to
    GRL! 😦 Sounds like so much fun. In the meantime I’m in the middle of, and thoroughly enjoying Fever Pitch!! Loving Giles and Aaron, and have even taken some Youtube breaks to listen to some music I’ve not heard before – like Imogen Heap, some innovative orchestra and acapella and some of the other songs the guys play – just to get a better feel. Thank you!! Have a great time at GRL.

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