Update on IndieFirst Firehouse Books Gathering

Normally I would try to make these posts semi-entertaining, but honestly I don’t have it in me, so apologies. To cut to the chase, I need to cancel the November 29th event in Ames I wrote about here. I’ll send this exact blog post also to the newsletter and to the people who signed up on the Google Form. Reading onward is the reason why.

I’d intended to get serious about working on this event as soon as I got home from GRL, but I got sick. I’d felt a bit run down at the event, so I figured, con crud, okay, move on. Well, I never got better, and then Saturday it started to get hard to breathe. Late that evening I went to the ER and got diagnosed with pneumonia.

I’m doing better, but not much, and it’s clear it will be a bit before I’m ready to take the world by storm. I could maybe limp through and hope, but it’s a disservice to everyone involved. I’m going to try to do it instead in April of next year and with more notice/preparation.

Apologies to anyone eager to come.

Quick update on what I am doing, besides coughing my head off:

Sleigh Ride is out in a few weeks, and there’s a blog tour. You can check that out here. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I am finishing Lonely Hearts this month. I reread Love Lessons and Fever Pitch last week, and this weekend when I wasn’t having nebulizer treatments (and thinking of Kelly, as my not-very-usual asthma reared its head) I’ve been watching the entire oeuvre of Hayo Miyazaki films I and my library had in stock. I feel like my life should be a charming Japanese village, and I have a huge craving for noodles and rice. Sitting here at my desk to compose this, I’m thinking writing is going to happen in my chair downstairs on the laptop, as this is a little woozy-making, but writing will happen this week, and I’m not missing my end of November deadline.

What exactly I got sick from is unknown. I thought I had the flu but they said no. How I got pneumonia is unclear. It could be a delayed post-surgery thing, but I was active after, so it’s really hard to say. I got to my regular doctor here in a bit, and he might have more answers, but honestly I’ll take some good cough medicine. PONYO

4 Comments on “Update on IndieFirst Firehouse Books Gathering

  1. Holy Smokes! Take all of your meds, get plenty of rest and feel better soon! Don’t worry about the world out there right now…most important to take care of yourself first. Another author…Zathyn Priest is still battling his Con Crud, over a week later, too.

    It was great meeting you at GRL…have enjoyed your books so much! I had a great experience attending my first GRL and it won’t be my last.

    Take care!

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