Don’t panic. Nowhere Ranch will be back shortly.

Kanaxa - Coming Soon

At the time of this posting, my novel Nowhere Ranch has disappeared from most electronic retailers, leaving only the first-edition paperbacks, and probably not a ton of them. I think ARe still has it, but they won’t for long.


The book has a new cover (reveal on February 25 at Joyfully Jay) and is in the process of getting a spit-shine by Sasha Knight, and as soon as I figure out all the gears and levers of self-publishing, it will appear pretty much everywhere it just was, plus some more places, and especially initially the ebook will cost less. Maybe a lot less. Probably a lot less.

At one point I was going to try to do a sequel, but every time I try to do that for this series, it doesn’t work. It really, really doesn’t work. I had one that kind of half worked, maybe, if you squinted, and then I pretty much took the whole thing and morphed it into Tough Love. Maybe someday I write a new one. Or maybe I don’t ever. Absolutely I’m not right now.

Also, I’m really curious about self-publishing. I’m kind of terrified and a whole lot of suspicious, but I have some very smart people advising me, and I think this is one of those things where I’m going to learn a lot and that’s always good.

I don’t have a hard release date yet. Probably early March because it’ll be done by then and sitting on it will make me crazier than anything else. I will NOT be doing a blog tour for it because I’m already half nuts with work and promo as it is. I will, though, put out an offer for ARCs, so if you want to get on that wagon, join the blog tour signup list, and then you’ll be able to know. There will maybe be a Netgalley thing but I’m not sure. If you want to make sure you don’t miss when it’s for sale again, join my regular newsletter.

The cover ROCKS. I loved the old cover and told Kanaxa, “If you could make something I love more, I’ll be surprised but very grateful.” She talked to me about a few intriguing concepts, then sent me the draft and I was all NEVERMIND, I LOVE THIS. I hope you will too!

To answer your inevitable question: no major revision in this reissue. Mostly me tightening stuff up and using the stuff I’ve learned over the years to make it better. No big story or structure change.

And to answer your next question: yes, this will be happening to Dance With Me later this year too. Pretty much exactly the same thing all the way down.

That’s all. As you were!

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