Carry the Ocean Tour Information & Other Updates

This post is a hodgepodge of things I need to update people about, and if you subscribe to newsletter, you’re about to get this information twice.

Carry the Ocean Book Tour

Carry the Ocean book tour horizontal


The book tour for Carry the Ocean starts Tuesday and goes on and on and on through almost all of April, because so many bloggers chose to participate. There are also two Facebook parties, and who knows, there might be more. The tour updates daily. You can see the lineup here and use it to follow along and enter the grand prize drawing, which I have to tell you, is going to be the best I’ve ever had.

The Carry the Ocean Book Tour Grand Prize

CTO rafflecopter

The grand prize this time is a signed copy of Carry the Ocean in paperback, a Blu-ray of The Blues Brothers, an Iowa State magnet, and Carry the Ocean scrapbook art. It’s made by Susan Romito, and it’s absolutely stunning. Here’s a little video so you can get a better idea of how it opens up.

Isn’t it amazing? Susan is amazing. A thousand thanks for all the hard work and design concept that went into this prize. Also I want to give a huge thank you to Suminsky Artwork (check out his Deviant Art page!) for permission to use his artwork Brain Master Octopus for the back cover. You’ll get why the art is so incredibly perfect once you read the novel.


The only way to get this fabulous prize, though, is to win. So enter as often as you like. You can preorder the book right now, though, or wait for it to release on April 7.


I’ve made some computer wallpaper for both Carry the Ocean and Nowhere Ranch. Carry the Ocean has several different versions, and Nowhere Ranch has just the one. I’ll try to make more eventually, and if you have a book or series in particular you’d like to see, you can let me know in the comments.

Nowhere Ranch Print Order Update

Several of you (okay, over fifty of you) have placed “request for notification” of Nowhere Ranch print orders. I wanted to let you know where that stands. While I’d hoped to have the books already, I have been, no joke, fighting with Ingram over the cover art for over two weeks. Not the content, just the ink levels and size and bar code “color” and placement and…wow. So it will be a little bit before I can offer you the books, but rest assured my husband has a huge spreadsheet of everyone who bought the ebook with a notification of the signed print.

If you didn’t get in on that action and want to, go here and purchase whatever ebook file you prefer with the print notification attached. What this means is I will for sure order that many paperbacks, and if those people want them, they get them. They’ll be $14 each plus shipping/etc, and it’s offered worldwide. The only way to be guaranteed the right of first refusal on the book is to buy the notification. This is one, to get everyone to put a tiny bit of skin in the game so I know you’re serious, and then it’s to get you in the database which Gumroad keeps, because it has your email information. It’s theoretically possible I might have extras and might sell some of them, but there are already a zillion and the deal is if you buy the notification, you are guaranteed the right to buy a copy. I can’t promise that if you try your luck. Because at sixty some books, I might say, that’s all I feel like hauling to the post office.

If you just want to buy the ebook, here’s a link to all the places where you can do that.

Love Lessons Audio & Lonely Hearts Preorder



Love Lessons is available on audio! You can find it direct at Insatiable Press or at Audible/Amazon. Fever Pitch is coming soon, and I’m hoping to have more audio for you soon.

You can also preorder Lonely Hearts from nearly all major retailers. Go here to find the bookseller you prefer. Can’t find the one you’re looking for? Check back. More are added all the time.

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