Lonely Hearts Pre-Reading List, Badges, Tour, Party, and Grand Prize Giveaway

It’s only eleven days until Lonely Hearts releases, and a lot is happening to celebrate!


The Lonely Hearts blog tour starts soon, and you’ll want to make sure you stop by each blog for inside information, contests, reviews, and more! Keep track of everything happening and watch for new blogs at this link.

Meme Badges

Do you like posting quote meme images and badges on your social media accounts? Want something to make your online review fancy? Check out the quotes, character images, and more at this link.

Facebook Party

Come join the Facebook party! It officially starts August 11 at 3pm CST, but you’ll notice there have been a lot of advance prizes already…and there’ll be more. A boatload of authors and all kinds of great prizes await! Join the event today.

Rafflecopter Grand Prize Pack

There’s a great Rafflecopter starting tomorrow, loaded with prizes!

Lonely Hearts Rafflecopter Prize Pack

A paper back of Lonely Hearts, a BluRay of Howl’s Moving Castle, a set of Black Butler playing cards, and a darling figure of Howl and Sophie which you might not know much about now, but you certainly will once you read the book. Enter today, and every day!

Not sure why some of those items are in the prize pack? Read on.

Pre-Reading Activities

Sissy That Walk Gif

Can’t wait for release day? Want to be completely in the know when you read the book? Nestle in and enjoy an advance course in pop-culture references you’ll find in the book. You don’t have to know about these things to enjoy Lonely Hearts, but if you love inside information, you’ve just hit the motherlode.

Spotify Playlist

Want to hear songs referenced in the story or set the mood using the music I used to write the novel? Plug in your headphones and listen away. 

Music Videos

 Don’t do Spotify? Love a good visual? Here are some YouTube videos and samples of some of the biggest songs from the book. Especially RuPaul!

Howl’s Moving Castle

Haven’t seen this movie? Get on that! It’s a great film, and it’s Baz and Elijah’s favorite too.

Spirited Away

Less referenced, but still awesome and well worth your time. In a lot of ways, this is the darker and more subliminal background for Baz and Elijah.

Black Butler

You can watch ALL the anime online, and on several other streaming services—and if you do watch even a little, a certain sexy role-play is going to get a WHOLE lot hotter.


Lonely Hearts Cover Image

Samhain • All Romance Ebooks • Amazon US • Amazon UK • Google Play • iTunes • Kobo • Nook • Goodreads • Excerpt

Audiobook coming soon (performed by Iggy Toma)

13 Comments on “Lonely Hearts Pre-Reading List, Badges, Tour, Party, and Grand Prize Giveaway

    • Oh, and my favorite character is Aaron. My heart breaks for him every time I read Fever Pitch.

  1. I’ve never seen Howl’s moving castle…adding it to my movie list! I pre-ordered Lonely Hearts, can’t wait to read it!! Hope the audio-book version is coming soon too!!

  2. It is really hard to pick a favorite character, but I really like Elijah and Aaron. They both need some unconditional love.

  3. I have to say, I think I love Aaron the most! But I’ve loved every one of them at some point! These books are all on my re-read list!

  4. I have to leave a plug for Diana Wynne Jones, who wrote the book, Howl’s Moving Castle. A bit different than the movie, but one of my favorites. Loved the books in the Love Lessons world so far. Looking forward to this one!

  5. How am I supposed to pick a favorite??? I want to stomp my foot and just say Walter. Walter is the best character ever (with the lone exception of Randy because …*sigh Randy* ) but for St. Timothy’s, Baz was my favorite non-Walter character because he is so fantastically damaged and I am a sucker for that.

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