Asshole Alert: Cyber PC Experts, Super Scammers!

customer service catSo on August 20th, my mother went to a hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was there because she’s been going back and forth to take care of my grandmother, who is dying of congestive heart failure. My grandmother isn’t getting oxygen to her brain, so she’s loopy and weird and spends a lot of time insulting my mother, because she’s not herself and is very sick. Consequently, my mother is very tired. Very. Tired.

Which is why when she went to this hotel (I won’t name it yet, unless they don’t take care of her room for that night), and when she joined what she thought was the hotel wifi and her computer began blowing up with virus warning messages, she panicked. When a box popped up saying she had viruses and she should call Apple Care and the number was next to it, she called them.

“Very helpful” people then spent two hours screen-sharing and “fixing” her computer. These people are Cyber PC Experts.

I’m going to say that name a lot— Cyber PC Experts—and at the end of this story, I’d love you to find a way to link to this story. Share it. Retweet it. Facebook share it. I don’t care how you do it, but the more you link to this, the more when people google Cyber PC Experts, the more likely they’ll be to get this hit. Because nobody should go through what my mother is going through right now.

Cyber PC Experts, after masquerading as Apple Care, took my mother’s credit card information, and her email, and her phone numbers. They didn’t fix her computer. There was nothing wrong with it. Their whole goal was to phish for information—my mother’s private information—and rack up “fixing” charges on her credit card. Happily, two hours in (they were going to have her “leave it open” all night) she got nervous and called me, and I had her shut it down. And cancel her card. And then my brother, who is no slouch about this kind of thing, took her computer and is in the process of wiping it. She’s changed all her passwords, and is getting a new card. She reported the charge as fraudulent.

And now they call her.

Every day.

Every hour.

From all kinds of different numbers.

And they email.

They are desperate to get a hold of her, I hope to God because their credit charge was denied. But they’re stressing her out, because my grandmother is still dying, and there’s no shortage of other stuff going on. So tonight I said, “Let me call them.”

LET IT BE KNOWN they didn’t dispute that they set up fake wifi outside of hotels and trick guests into logging on and telling them they have viruses. LET IT BE KNOWN they never apologized for anything, never denied anything, and when it became clear they couldn’t scam me, they began refusing to say anything unless they spoke to my mother. I told them they wouldn’t be able to. I told them to stop calling.

While I was on the phone with them, they called her three times.

So, I made them a promise, and I’m keeping it. I’m telling the whole world what charming assholes they are. I taught my mother how to block calls. If she can’t manage it, I’m going to get her to a place where she can be on a conference call with me so they can’t pull that shit anymore and have to listen to me tell them to fuck off. I’m also going to let Apple know what they’re doing. Mostly, though, I want to tell the WHOLE WORLD what they’re doing.

Cyber PC Experts. Nasty scammers who love to prey on non-tech-savvy women nursing their dying mothers. Hang outside hotels and make pop up free wifi that looks like the hotel’s wifi. Harass people when they don’t let themselves be taken for everything they have. Don’t deny they’re scamming scammers.

Be sure you know the EXACT name of hotel wifi when you stay there. If you can help it, don’t use it. Don’t call the numbers on popups, even if you’re tired and they say they’re Apple. For the record, Apple would never do that, and they keep regular hours. And they don’t sell you “yearly computer help.”

I’m blogging angry, which I know better than to do, but this is my mom, goddamn it, and I just listened to these smarmy assholes for fifteen minutes. Whatever. Burn ’em. And be you wise, and never let these or other scamming asshats get you.

And please show this to your mom.

40 Comments on “Asshole Alert: Cyber PC Experts, Super Scammers!

    • They have done it to my daughter young and old should be aware that if it’s not the company that sold you the product don’t fall for the okie doke rely on your senses

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  2. Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Repinned in Pinterest.
    I have never been scammed, but I was stalked by a predatory pair of nutjobs from 2001 to 2009. I finally got fed up and went on a Google search and got my own kind of “justice” so to speak… *BEG*. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you threaten to share a person’s REAL NAME and personal info all over the web….

  3. Shared and showed my 83yr old Dad too. I’ve had similar shit, and try to keep them busy chatting to me, as long as poss. So they are not scamming vulnerable people and racking up big phone bills.

  4. My poor non-tech husband just bought an Apple so he can record his music. He was surfing the web and got to one of those sites somehow that had a fake Blue Screen of Death and a pop up saying to call this number for Apple Care support. THANK GOD I WAS SITTING THERE because he was about to call the number! I hope the minute they asked for his credit card, he’d know it was a scam since his laptop is still under warranty, but these days you never know…

    I hope the issue gets resolved quickly with your mother and I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Hugs all the way around, honey.

  5. I would contact the FCC and State Attorney General’s office (Our state has a helpful State Attorney’s office for this type of thing.).

  6. That is a fairly common virus that masquerades as a signed 64 bit driver. They’ve actually copied Microsoft’s signature into the virus. That is why most virus tools cannot find it. Sophos Virus Removal Tool (google it) can identify and remove the virus without destroying data. That virus has been around for about 3 years now. There is sometimes an “FBI Warning” and other security indicators. After a few hours or sometimes days it will start calling any program you launch a virus. Even notepad. Sophos has to be installed and run from safemode. From safemode the affected driver is not loaded.

    • If it has been ported to non-windows Apple OS then I don’t know what to do to help you. I do not know if Sophos has an OSx version of their removal tool.

    • thanks for your helpfull information, i to fell for letting them access my computer & supossedly fix it, i just was cautious & didn’t give any personal information about myself except my phone number, just have a question for you can Cyber PC still access my computer or any personal info like email or other passwords only hours after not being tech savvy enough to check into the company before making this mistake of being nieve & trustful

  7. This happened to my brother-in-law’s mother. She had thousands stolen from her bank accounts. I’m glad you caught it quickly, and I’m sorry that your mom is going through it. There should be a special circle of hell for scammers.

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  10. I’m so sorry to hear what they did to your mom. I’m dealing with these bottom feeding motherfuckers now and your right they do and day everything they can to justify what they do to the point the man informed me that if they were just a scam they wouldn’t be on the phone with me now they would have had my father’s money and that would have been that. Scum of the fucking earth is exactly what they are

  11. I am 62 and retired. I am not very tech savvy so i fell into their trap to the tune of $450. I feel stupid and angry. When you talk to them they are so very friendly–all part of their clever con. They have a Facebook site with photos of their company party celebrating, no doubt, their cleverness at defrauding honest people. Suggest everyone post a comment on their FB site.

  12. Go to their facebook page to read my review… if it still there, please share your stories… in the event they delete my review here is what I wrote.

    My Comments on their page review:

    If there was an option for no stars, I would select that. How anyone who works at cyberpcexperts sleeps at night is a mystery to me. I don’t have the time or energy to write the entire story in this post, but this company is either working with or unknowingly provides information to an elaborate scam operation that is using fear and intimidation tactics to scam vulnerable people in the following manner:
    1. convincing people they have a serious security threat.
    2. must buy new software/service to prevent this.
    3. then they call them back saying they are refunding money, in which they overpay and pressure people into wiring money back to them!
    This happened to my father just recently ALL THROUGH CYBER PC EXPERTS!!! Now, granted, this scam should never get as far as it does as the phone should be hung up when banking info/cc requested.
    I am unsure if someone at Cyber PC Experts is running a side ring or this is a part of their business model. One thing I do know and will comment on is this…
    Cyber PC Experts, at the very least, are scam artists. They have managed to convince my father that he needs to spend hundreds of dollars to have them look into his machine periodically. For most individuals, anti-virus packages such as Norton, McAfee, etc.. are readily available and probably provide far more sophisticated and up to date phishing and malware protection services. Additionally, the internet provides a large variety of online tools such as superantispyware or malwarebytes which provide free versions for the public to access and clean malicious content from their machines.
    However, Cyber PC Experts, uses today’s ever growing fear of having our personal information being compromised as a fear tactic in convincing innocent people that they NEED to use their services. For example, the initiation of my father’s discussion started when he had already purchased their services a year or two previously and was still covered. While a routine checkup was being performed, the Cyber PC Expert informed my father that something was compromised on his computer/network. The only solution was of course Cyber PC Experts $600 application/service that will cover him for the next five years or so. That’s right… .$600!!! When my father refused to pay this much money they actually negotiated with him and said, “ok we’ll take $200 for x amount of years, sound good”.
    Can you imagine a software service company offering a product/service in such a capacity? Imagine if Microsoft offered you a support package for $500 dollars after telling you you absolutely need it, then says, “ok, well how does $100 sound”?
    Shame! Regardless if you had anything to do with the follow up scam, shame on your business and shame on you on behalf of the people you have ripped off over the years. Your target population is clearly the baby boomer generation that contains a larger population of non-tech savy individuals and I’m sure you find success in convincing people of your completely unnecessary services by intimidating them. Obviously there is little moral consideration in your business plan of preying on those who are vulnerable.
    I doubt this review will last long up on this page, but I will make it my personal goal to spread this story in any capacity I can find.

    • I totally understand you. I called the Number but after a while I taught to myself how the hell do they go into your computer. So I shut down my computer hope is not to late it just happen today🙄

    • Okay! The same exact thing has happened to me. Who do I contact? What do I do now? Please help, because I am into them for a total of $3400. since the first time I was contacted. I am 74, on social security and truly do not know where to turn.

      • First of all, cancel your credit card immediately and get your computer to a local, certified repair specialist to remove anything they’ve put there. Sadly I don’t know what legally you can do. You probably can’t get your money back. I would absolutely contact your local representative (state rep or senator) and ask them what your state is doing about this.

        I’m so sorry. I hate seeing how many people this happens to.

  13. This same exact thing happened to me. I was stupid enough to give them money. And they have screwed me over for 8 months now. It has been a nighmare. So I hope lots of people read this and take it seriouly. I’m a mom of 4 young kids and we could have really used that money to pay bills or buy groceries. But I’m sure those assholes don’t care. I too was stressed out and tired at the time of agreeing for them to fix my computer. I just wanted help and they seemed nice enough but little did I know they would call at all hours of the day and want more money! Luckily I did catch on and only gave them money once. But that was too much. People who prey on others are pathetic. I wish somehow they could be punished. It seems like they never will get caught and keep scamming innocent people along the way.

  14. I called the number but refused to give them any information. I would never give information over the phone unless I know who I’m talking to. They wanted to fix my computer because I could not close the warning. I just went to control,alt delete and shut them down. I then hung up on them.

  15. Cyberpcexperts.Co. au

    Don’t visit such sites or fall for them as they will mislead you. Big scammers

  16. Same problem happened to me,but they were Microsoft agents wanting computer contract for $500.They are nothing but scammers as they remote control your computer to get passwords etc.They are scum thieves and huge world wide scammers,hang up or delete their messages.

  17. What was their website? My grandmother just got scammed and they managed to convince me that it wasn’t them! I feel like an idiot. I had my grandmother do the same, shut off the computer, unplug it and the battery and stuff it in a corner until I can wipe it with 0’s 7 times or more. I hate these people! Please let me know if that is their website.

  18. They got me big time yesterday and I was freaking out. I figured it was a scam but I still have things on my computer that they loaded. I had to change all of my passwords and they threatened to charge my credit card for $499.00. They told me I was hacked and my IP address was stolen and the government was going to fine me and I would never be able to use the internet again. Scumbags!!

  19. Everything said above is true. That is the way they operate. They also call at inconvenient times from different numbers until they get you. Every time there seems to be some great security breach that will cost alot of money to fix, just as the stories above. I notice that whenever I accidently put in incorrect passwords, a phone call from them is not far behind. From what I have come across they are actually a legit company, but if this is true I don’t know how they are allowed to continue their scare tactics to get substantial amounts of money from the unwary, unsavy computer user. That company needs to be exposed and investigated for potential fraud and the deceiving tactics they use.

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