Enjoy The Dance, Release Day, Signing Event and Fundraiser at Twin Cities Book Festival, and More

Today is release day for the second novel in my Dancing series, Enjoy the Dance, a follow up to my 2011 novel Dance With Me. When I re-released Dance With Me last year, I’d intended to write a quick short, or possibly a brief novella catching readers up on what had happened Ed and Laurie between when that novel had ended and 2015, because so much had happened. Enjoy the Dance quickly became one of those stories that got away from my original vision in ways that departed from everything I had intended it to be but took me on many wonderful, important journeys I do not regret taking. Thanks to a conversation with a friend this summer, I made the decision to not make this a continuation story but its own novel and to introduce a new couple, to make this a formal new series. The story is a romance, but it is more romantic fiction than a romance novel. It is definitely one of those stories that I needed to write for myself and for one particular person in my life. It was one of the more difficult stories I’ve written, but I don’t regret one word of it.

The one point that I wasn’t going to move from in the production of this story was that I would finish it. I had made a promise that part of the proceeds for the production of this book would raise money for an organization which has become very near to my heart: Avenues for Youth in Minneapolis. If you have read my Love Lessons series, you have heard me speak of this organization before. They raised money for it in Lonely Hearts, and it was vaguely referenced in Fever Pitch. I interviewed Ryan Berg from Avenues as part of my blog tour for Enjoy the Dance, and you can read that interview and its three parts here, here, and here, or you can read more about Avenues on their website. Especially with this book, where the themes of the story are so directly related to Avenues, I wanted to take an opportunity to raise money for them through my work. I wish I could tell you I had reached the point in my career where I could afford it to donate the entire proceeds of the novel even for a month or two, but unfortunately I am not there yet.

However. I do have a few opportunities for you to help me raise money for Avenues this week and this coming weekend.

Twin Cities Book Festival Sale: This coming Saturday, I will be attending the Twin Cities Book Festival in Minneapolis at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds from 10 AM to 5 PM. I will be selling copies of Enjoy the Dance and Dance with Me for $20 a copy, and all proceeds will be donated to Avenues for Youth. Should you choose to donate more than $20 for your purchase, you will be entered in a raffle for a full signed set of all my Minnesota books in paperback, plus a signed copy of Ryan Berg’s book, No House to Call my Home. Or, if you choose not to make a purchase that day and simply donate $20 or more, you will also be entered in the raffle. If you are in the Twin Cities area, I hope you are able to come by and say hello and help me raise some money for a wonderful cause.

fullsizerenderOnline Donation Raffle: Not able to make it to Minneapolis this weekend? Wish you could get in on the raffle at the very least? Not to worry. You can! All you need to do is make a $20 donation or more to Avenues for Youth between today and Sunday, October 16 at noon CST for USD$20 or more, and then email the receipt or some sort of proof of donation to assist@heidicullinan.com. You will then be entered into the raffle, plus you will have helped raise money for a truly wonderful organization. You may begin entering now. You may continue to donate after the raffle ending time, but you will not be entered for the raffle prize.

etd-oops-coverFirst Print Run Error Copies: This is perhaps the strangest fundraiser I’ve ever done, but in the attempt to make lemons into lemonade, I’m going to run with it. The preparations for production of Enjoy the Dance had to be jostled with some vacation schedules of my contractors, most acutely important the month-long out of country absence of my cover artist. In our earnest attempts to work quickly, and by focusing on the front copy and back copy, and in my decision to do the proofreading myself instead of showing my husband who is so much more detail oriented than me… Well, the long story short is that mistakes were made. Or rather one specific item of the print copy was not changed until I had ordered 66 copies of the book…with the wrong title on the spine.

Some of my patrons have chosen to receive these error copies as gifts. A few have chosen to purchase them. You may do so as well, and again, the bulk of the proceeds will go to Avenues. (The reason it’s “bulk” and not “all” is because of postage and because my budget plans for the Twin Cities Festival fundraiser did not include mistakenly ordering 66 books with the wrong cover before I ordered the same number of books again with the correct cover, but rest assured Avenues will still get well over half of the money collected for the mistake books, inasmuch as I can possibly afford to give them.)

Cost for the error books is $20, which will cover domestic shipping; international shipping will run an additional $5-10, depending on where you are. Please fill out this form if you are interested.

I am now off to have an anniversary dinner with my husband, because yes, that’s today too! I hope you enjoy Enjoy the Dance, and I hope I get to see you in Minneapolis this weekend, or somewhere else very soon.

2 Comments on “Enjoy The Dance, Release Day, Signing Event and Fundraiser at Twin Cities Book Festival, and More

  1. Happy Anniversary Heidi, and happy release day! I am honored to be able to donate to Avenues for Youth. Thank you for bringing this organization to my attention.

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