Born to Make History: Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 10 recap, @kubo_3260 is a genius & I want retire to be her handmaiden and make her katsudon & cake

I would like to warn our affiliates that we will be running long. Also I have so many feels and this post will be ridiculously effusive. If it were me delivering this as a speech in a bar, I would be drunk, weeping, and there would be rendering of garments. Probably at some point I would begin erecting a shrine to Mitsurō Kubo out of whatever material was at hand, and then it would just get weird, weirder than that was already. Probably sticking to written words is best.

Let me begin with these words: with two episodes yet remaining, and with the caveat that I understand this is anime, not a novel, I am elevating Mitsurō Kubo into my top five authors, and at this point it’s simply a cool-off period (and the remaining two episodes) to see whether she dethrones Henry Fielding as #3 behind Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, or if I need the whole canon to really dethrone Bujold and Austen, or if I should put her at six, or what. But she’s in there for sure. Unless she drops a nuke on Barcelona or something during the last two episodes. She has stolen my soul, and I don’t want it back. She is genius. Woman, Kubo-sensei, what have you done, you brilliant, patient, beautiful genius. May every wish you have ever desired come true upon you tenfold, forever, and may I please, please simply stand near you someday so I can weep near your shadow and die happy.



Okay, so let’s start by sending you to Tumblr, because you should read Hello Tailor’s quick-cap where she nails it: episode 10 is where Kubo reveals to us that Yuri on Ice is actually a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Now, I need to see 11 & 12 before I can go too deep into this, and I’m dragging Damon Suede into this because nobody alive knows that novel like he does, and he hasn’t seen it yet. He has orders to stay away from all spoilers until he has time to dive into this next week or the week after, and if anyone spoils this for him I will find a special hell for you. Though he does have orders to phone me as he gets to certain episode points. Right now he thinks I’m insane. Oh, just you wait, honey.

I have more about P&P at the end of this recap, but right now I’m starting with some meta analysis because honestly I’m still trying to comprehend the full gravity of everything that’s just changed. While the episode aired, as my family will attest, I mostly shouted, exclaiming in shock at what I was seeing. Except I was simply reacting  to the real-time oh my god, did they actually…did they just…? and not the deep-level switching we didn’t fully get until the credits. This was the second week in a row Kubo clocked us upside the head during the credits, but this time the full damage to our cranium didn’t register for hours. It took crowdsourcing too. I walked around the house in a daze, all but picking up cats and asking them if what I saw happen actually happened, because my family kept smiling and rolling their eyes at me as if I was funny.

It wasn’t funny, though. I mean, it was wonderful, and it was glorious, and I had a wonderful time, but it wasn’t hilarious. It took me about ten minutes after I watched the episode a second time through before I began crying. And I do mean that I have been crying. Not sadness, no—no sadness at all, but it’s not precisely joy, either.

Here. Let me borrow Austen.  This is the crying that I have been doing.

Happy tears, yes, but tears you didn’t think you’d ever get to cry, that you didn’t know you held inside you. Tears you didn’t know you wanted to cry, for things you buried and refused to yearn for.

I’m crying these tears in episode ten. I feel like I need to revisit my will, because the likelihood I may die by witnessing the next two episodes feels like a risk I should consider viable. And yet nothing in this world will keep me from the conclusion of this story.


We begin our tale in a rooftop pool in Barcelona. But our narrator this week isn’t Yuri. It’s Victor.


He’s telling us how in life you need vacations where you can be yourself, away from your hectic everyday life. And when he gets away from skating, two “L words” come to mind: life and love, and that he’s been neglecting both for over twenty years.

I mean, that one rang on the first viewing. But like the ripples in the pool he’s floating in, the longer you float in it, the further those waves roll out.

After deep thoughts with Victor, he reminds us he’s not actually on vacation, that he’s here for the Grand Prix with Yuri, that it’s December, and it’s a bit cold for swimming. Chris shows up, further interrupting deep thoughts, threatening to skinny-dip, and for a second we think, oh shit, here we go, when Victor says, sure, go ahead, I’ll take photos. Except all they do is talk, remembering the good old days, and Victor continues his narration, taking us back to the days when he first met Chris, and pointing out that though he did have great times with him in the past and couldn’t imagine skating without him and that Chris said the same thing to him, Chris seems to be doing just fine without Victor on the ice.

We cut to the hotel, where Yurio and Yakov are checking in. Yurio is being his usual churlish self, but he poses for a photo with his insanely aggressive fans after being berated by Lilia. Though he himself had nearly called them some pretty serious names, when JJ’s girlfriend disses them he gets salty. I’m betting we lost something in translation since Yurio gets angry at her for calling his fans ugly even though she…doesn’t, according to the sub. Let me clarify: he gets angry and calls her a bitch, so whatever she said must have been a pretty good snub. In any event, Yurio defends his fans, and then JJ defends his girlfriend, who I don’t hate as much as JJ, but I wouldn’t make any cake or katsdon for, either.

Victor has been handling this over-narration as well, letting us know Yurio’s fans are called Yurio’s Angels and so on, and here he breaks to give us some dish on JJ. Kubo does not let us down. Victor’s commentary regarding JJ:

“I think he’s the one named Jean-Jacques Leroy, from Canada. He’s a strong gold medal candidate, but he has a certain unapproachable quality the other competitors don’t.”


I have always loved Victor. I didn’t realize how much I’d come to love him by the end of this episode. This was, apparently, my warning shot.

We then meat Otabek, a new skater, the one of mystery fame from the teaser credits last episode, the one who approached Yurio on a motorcycle and launched a new ship. More on that soon, but here all that happens is Otabek crosses the lobby, JJ waves him down and tries to get him to go to dinner with him and his girlfriend, Otabek declines, gives Yurio a broody hero look, Yurio raises his broody with his usual asshole causticness and the scene ends. But not before Victor narrates us some backstory: Otabek is from Kazakhstan, he’s 18, he’s got some promising prospects, but we don’t know much about his personal life.

Phichit, meanwhile, has been trying to call Yuri, but can’t get a hold of him so gives up and goes off sightseeing on his own. Victor does some narration for him as well, giving his skating stats but also mentioning his unparalleled selfie skills. He also points out Phichit is the only foreign skater Yuri considers a friend.

Now Victor takes us to the only Grand Prix finalist he hasn’t mentioned yet, the finalist who made it by the skin of his teeth, the “jet-lagged sleeping beauty, Katsuki Yuri from Japan.”

Except instead of telling us about Yuri, Victor tells us about himself.

“I’ve come here with him as his coach. After the Rostelecom Cup, Yuri spent his few remaining days until the Final maximizing his practice time. When I think about it, it’s already been eight months since I first came to Hasetsu. I can’t remember when I last spent this much time with Maccachin. Every day, I’ve been able to bathe in a bath bigger than any tub, and I can eat all the delicious pork cutlet bowls I want. This is heaven on Earth. Yuri’s life and love have taught me about a brand new world that I’d never known before.”


I have so many pins put in this one speech alone it’s practically a cushion. Most of them I’m saving until the series is wrapped up. But I’ll pull out a few of them at the end of this recap. For now, digest that sucker as best you can.

Now Yuri wakes up, puts on his glasses, wonders where Victor is. Checks his Instagram feed and sees he’s at the pool with Chris, that Phichit is sight-seeing, that JJ is still an asshole, and that Yurio is willing to pose with his insane clown posse. Then Yuri flops onto the bed and indulges in a classic Yuri doubt spiral, ending in a plea for Victor to come save him. At which point Victor does, bursting through the door in his swim trunks and towel before jumping onto him. Chris comes too.

Pin there too…

Now we go to practice, where Victor tells us about Yuri’s aggressive jump composition, required to win in order to beat JJ. He also lets us know this includes the quadruple flip as his final free skate jump and that Yuri hasn’t landed it yet.

Victor recommends Yuri get a good night’s rest to prepare for the short program, but Yuri scolds him for becoming a model coach all of a sudden and insists Victor take him sightseeing. Victor looks surprised, Yuri smiles at him, Victor melts and says, “leave it to me.”

Flash cuts of them going all over the city, seeing things, eating things, and buying, apparently, all of the things. Victor does an adorable little gay spin, declares he hasn’t shopped in ages and that this has been a lot of fun, then treats us to more monolog, letting us know every competitor has a different way of winding down, but it was unusual for Yuri to suggest sightseeing. He wonders if this is because Yuri is just that nervous. For some reason this makes Victor decide he must buy Yuri a suit for his birthday, and then he can burn his old one, and the argument over whether or not his old suit should be burned means they forget a bag on the bench.

As Yuri is dragged off to more shopping, Yurio is running from his Angels, who have cornered him in an alley and are sniffing the cobblestones and plucking up strands of his hair to locate his trail. Enter Otabek on his motorcycle, who tosses Yurio a helmet and rescues him from his crazed harem, but not from thousands of social media shares of him being carried off into the sunset by his knight on a bike.

otabek and yurio.png

Otabek takes Yurio to a picturesque hilltop where he confesses they knew each other back in the day, but Yurio doesn’t rememeber. They trained at the same camp when Yurio first started, but Otabek couldn’t handle it and ended up training in North America before heading back home eventually. He thought Yuri Plisetsky had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier. When Yurio asks why he’s telling him all this, aren’t they rivals, Otabek says he’s always thought they were alike and wants to know if they’re going to be friends or not. They shake hands as the wind blows, the sun sets, and pretty music plays and Victor’s narration lets us know no one had ever asked Yurio to be friends before.

Ladies and gentlemen, the harbor is ready, and you may commence sailing this ship at your leisure.

Oh, but speaking of ships.

We’re back to Yuri and Victor, where Victor tells us their story has taken a tragic turn as Yuri has lost one of his bags. It’s just a bag of nuts, but this is Yuri and he’s turned it into a reason to melt down, apologizing and trying to go back to buy the nuts again, and when Victor says to forget it the store is closed, that he should calm down, that they should go back because he’s tired, yes? Yuri gets mad. So Victor says, well, I’m tired, and then the walk in a weird silence through this pretty Christmas market.

Yuri asks Victor if his birthday is Christmas Day, yes? And when Victor acknowledges it is, Yuri wants to get him a present, but Victor says they don’t get presents before a birthday in Russia, and they don’t celebrate Christmas so much. Yuri seems disappointed.

Victor tries to get him to drink some of his wine. Yuri declines, citing the match.

We get more Victor narration, letting us know he’s noticed “when Yuri’s searching for an answer, his eyes sparkle, even if he doesn’t say anything. He’s looking for something right now, like a dowsing rod. I’ll just watch over him without making conversation.”

We’re reaching the point in the recap where I’m not sure how much more sense I can make. I’m going to do my best, but please understand the urge to stop using words and simply post reaction GIFs for the rest of the blog post is almost more than I can stand.

Yuri’s eyes light up. He sees something. He gasps. He rushes to a shop window, bags in hand (he’s holding all of the bags), pokes his head around, then turns to Victor with one of his intense expressions and says, “Victor, let’s go in this store!”

The store is Maria Dolores.

This is a jewelry store.

Okay if you’re reading this instead of watching, you should honestly stop now, turn back, and go watch. You will then need to come back and continue reading. You might need an oxygen mask. If you chose to continue to read, I will give you a new paragraph and I will speak plainly but you will still not believe me or understand, not until you’ve watched.

Yes. This is a jewelry store. Yes, your mind went to the right place. No. This is not a bait and switch. No, I didn’t mistype. Yes, they went there. No, I’m not kidding, they really did. Yes, I think you should keep breathing because there are still two episodes, and how can you die before you see them? But yes. That happened.

I still don’t understand it, honestly. This is the part where my husband came in the first time, wanting to know why I kept shouting. I’m here to tell you, I was waiting for the “and then Yuri woke up” because there was no way. It was so surreal and crazy. I mean, he goes to the display and gets TWO RINGS MARKED WEDDING BANDS and says “I’ve always wanted a lucky charm.” Except now it’s getting weird, because this is inside Yuri’s head, so now we’re in Yuri’s head with Victor’s narration too. Honestly I think this is because we have died. If you can read these words, you too have been gay raptured. Welcome to heaven. It is wonderful and full of gay skaters who speak Japanese, but there are subtitles so it’s fine.

“It’s a lucky charm so that I can do my best in the Final!” Yuri says this out loud to Victor as he charges two WEDDING BANDS to his credit card, the first installment which is 800 euros? Then proceeds to take Victor TO A CHURCH with A  CHOIR SINGING SOFTLY IN THE FOREGROUND to present them to him. While Yuri is purchasing his “lucky charm(s)” with a second to “thank Victor for all his help,” Victor looks like this.

lucky charm victor.png

victor thank you stunned.png

Because, you know. Yuri is buying him a fucking wedding ring and calling it a thank you. Also, there’s SO MUCH MORE we’re about to know, but for now, we go on. My god, Victor. Good thing you’re Russian and know how to suffer.

Of course, it’s not all suffering, is it, baby.


Yuri takes off Victor’s glove (just in case you didn’t think this was anything but Pride and Predjudice), slips a fucking ring on his right hand, and thanks him for everything up to now. Then starts to stammer and says “I…I couldn’t think of something better.” He babbles some more, then asks Victor to tell him something for good luck. Again. P&P. We will discuss SO MUCH of this later. But for now, more of our pins.

Victor glances up, softly surprised, then moved by how nervous and unsettled Yuri is. So he says “sure,” takes Yuri’s hand, and puts a ring on it as he says, “I’ll say something you won’t even have to think about. Tomorrow, show me the skating that you can honestly say you liked best.”

rings skating tomorrow.png

Then he adds, in the narration just for us, that’s the only shortcut to a gold medal I know.  He also lets us know he has absolute faith in whatever Yuri decides.

Arms wrapped around one another, they walk back through the fair, looking for food because they’re hungry.

In my favorite cut of the episode, we come back from the half time break to Mari screaming because she’s seen him having tea with Otabek. This is because she still Yurio-crazy because he looks like her favorite boy band member, and she wants to sit with the two of them and be a fangirl, which as Yuri and Victor walk by, they can set up (and the next beat of the plot, conveniently). Except at this point what I needed was a three hour loop of Mari screaming, and I needed to scream with her. I needed Mari to show up at my door, scream with me, take me to tea, scream with me, sob with me, take selfies with me, scream and cry some more, take me shopping, and then honestly probably take me to a spa and give me some cuddles. I wasn’t recovered from the first half of the episode. But Kubo-sensei, she wasn’t done with me.

mari screaming.png

I feel you, Mari. I feel you.

Strap in. Because if you’re reading instead of watching, if you thought the jewelry store required an oxygen mask, you’re going to need to call for a defibrillator.

Somehow the entire Grand Prix gang has ended up here, and everyone is talking and telling stories while they eat. Yuri says a thing. Here’s Victor and what he looks like when Yuri starts talking.

before spit take.png

Yuri says,

Still, it’s kind of weird for us all to be here like this before the Final starts. At last year’s Final, I was always by myself, even at the banquet. I couldn’t even talk to Victor.

Here is what Victor looks like after that.


spit take.png

This is because we learn that what Yuri has forgotten is that at the post-Grand Prix banquet, which his coach made him attend, Yuri got very drunk. Drunk Yuri danced with everyone, including Victor. There’s photographic evidence. There’s video. Everyone at the table has it. Everyone remembers that night.

Chris: You got drunk on champagne and started dancing. Everyone saw it.

Yurio: That was disgusting as hell. I was dragged into a dance-off and got humiliated, too.

Yuri can’t believe this. “A dance off? With Yurio?”

Chris: (smiling with a fond look of remembrance) I did mine with a pole dance, half-naked.

Yuri is horrified, hearing all this. He murmurs under his breath about how he starts going off the rails when he drinks, just like his dad, so he was trying to lay off, but…

Now we flash back, and Victor takes over narration. He lets us know that the banquet refers to the party held after the competition. He notes Yuri had a crushing defeat, that he looked like his coach had dragged him to the banquet.

banquet victor notice.png

Please note Victor noticing Yuri in this screenshot.

Victor adds that Yuri looked dragged to the banquet at first. Then Yuri helped himself to a bazillion glasses of champagne, loosened his tie…

We don’t get anything more at this time. But I would like you to please go back and acknowledge in this series, once in this episode, how many many times Victor has tried to get Yuri to drink. Especially when he was nervous.

Flashback is over, and Yuri is very embarrassed in the present, especially as people pull out their phones and try to share photos and video of that epic night. Starting with Victor. Victor’s the first one, in fact, who tries to share them. He starts off a chain reaction of attempted shares, but Yuri is epically losing his shit, especially as Phichit, please let me post this to Instagram selfie man tries to see. But as he frantically waves at them, and as Victor holds up his phone to Otabek to show the amazing videos therein, Chris notices they’re both wearing gold bands. And now we have a whole new kind of distraction.

what's up with the rings.png

Yuri has a new panic now, tries to hide his. Victor whips his out. “They’re a pair,” he boasts proudly. While Yuri babbles and tries to tamper down what he’s seeing as a disaster (honestly, Yuri, I’m going to strangle you gently and with love, but you will be strangled), Phichit zeroes in, calls a spade a spade, and loudly, happily, proudly congratulates his friends on their marriage to the entire restaurant.

At this point I hadn’t unpacked all Kubo’s genius, so my soul hadn’t been sold to her, but here is where she claimed my heart. For a few seconds Yuri sputters more, a bit louder, trying to tear this down, to clear up the confusion, to let everyone know they weren’t getting married. Then Victor, bless you sweet baby, has had enough of this shit and slides in, inserts his toe pick and says,

“Yeah, don’t get the wrong idea. This is an engagement ring. We’ll get married once he wins a gold medal.”

victor elizabeth bennet.png

(I feel so much like that caption should say bitches at the end of it.)

Everyone applauds. Yuri has congestive heart failure. Every Grand Prix finalist gets their back up, like excuse you, bitch, who you think you’re giving the gold medal to, that’s my gold medal.

JJ busts onto the scene with a belted wait a cotton-picking minute, more or less, declares if anybody’d getting married after he wins a gold medal it’s him, his girlfriend looks really happy, and then he freaks out and says, “I was kidding!”

Smooth, “king.” So smooth.

Everyone leaves the restaurant, and now it’s morning. Yuri’s asleep, “lucky charm” glinting on his finger, while Victor stands by the ocean, examining his engagement ring. Yurio appears and begins repeatedly kicking him in the back, but unlike Yuri, none of his efforts do much more than jostle Victor. Victor doesn’t even turn around. Not until Yurio says, “Victor Nikforov is dead.” Victor half-turns then, giving him a bored look.

“Why do you look so happy to be looking after that damn pig?” Yurio demands.

Now Victor turns to face him fully, smirks, crouches to face him, hands in his pockets. “Did you want to compete against me?” Still doesn’t seem to give a shit.

“Don’t be so full of yourself. Not all skaters look up to you. Just go away already, geezer.”

Victor and Yurio.png

And now Victor is engaged. He grabs Yurio’s face, clenching it tight, practically lifting him off the ground, his hand shaking.

“The ring you got from that pig is garbage,” Yurio declares, unmoved by the threat. “I’ll win just to prove how incompetent his owner is.”

Victor stares down at him with one of his faint smiles, like he gives no shits. But that hand shook, there’s no mistaking that. And if you think Yurio missed it, you’re nuts. We didn’t miss it either.  What it means, I’m not yet certain. But one I do know. That’s what Victor looks like jealous and possessive of his man.

Victor lets Yurio go, and as Yurio leaves he remarks that the ocean looks here like it does in Hasetsu. Victor says he thought the same thing.

He also tells us, in narration, that if he’d stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yurio wouldn’t be this motivated to fight. And neither would he.


Yuri, you may not realize this, but many others besides me got their “L words” from you.

Please excuse me while I weep into my hands.

The episode closes out with everyone walking into the arena to watch, to participate, to coach, and everyone else logging on to watch or meeting up with people for coffee or for public viewing or whatever else it is they’re going to do for the Grand Prix Final, and of course we end with Victor and Yuri walking to the arena.

Except, actually, we don’t. Because the credits aren’t the usual credits once again. They are, in fact, a peek inside Victor’s phone. At the photos and video from that infamous banquet. I’m not sure what medical equipment to suggest you bring to this part of the recap. You might need full surgical staff. When I tell you that for hours post episode Tumblr was simply a series of people babbling in all caps and showing ambulance photos, I’m not exaggerating. Kubo-sensei rendered Tumblr mute. This is her power. Fear sensei.

Here we go. I hope you’re ready for this.

So here are several of the screen shots. From the party. These are the photos of Yuri Victor has kept on his phone for a year of the Japanese skater who got drunk and asked him and everyone in the room to dance. First, Yurio.

victor photo 1.png

victor photo 2.png

Such eros. Mm, and abs, in fact.

such eros 2.pngvictor 3.png

Then Yuri with Chris, and the pole.


pole 2.png

pole 4.pngpole 5.png

I’m putting a zillion shots up because they go by so fast and your brain needs more time to process that this is your Yuri. You’ve put in ten episodes with this boy. You thought you knew him. So did Victor. For a year, Victor thought Yuri was this charming young man who was nervous on the ice and talented but then flubbed when it came to crunch time, and then got beautifully drunk and let his inhibitions go and revealed himself to be…this.

Victuri 1.pngVicturi 2.png

Dance with me, Victor.


Victuri 3.png

victuri 4.png

Seduce me with all that you have.

Victuri 5.png

Victuri 6.png

Don’t take your eyes off of me.

Victuri 7.png


And then we end on a clip of video, of a highly, highly smashed Yuri with no pants on, with his tie around his head, clinging to Victor, wiggling his ass as Yurio glares and Chris (wearing only his underwear and looking slightly scandalized) and the whole room watches, stunned—Yuri says to Victor, “Victor, after this season ends, my family runs a hot springs resort, so please come.” Then he turns his face up to Victor’s and says,

“If I win this dance-off…you’ll become my coach, right?”

Victor stunned coach face.png

And this is his reaction. Except given what Yuri has just said, this question/request/whatever it is, it’s delivered before those dancing photos.

Which Victor has saved on his phone. For a year. Also before he quit his career to fly with his dog to Hasetsu to, indeed, become Yuri’s coach.

Who knows what would have happened if Yuri had let him take the commemorative photo the day after the banquet, which hadn’t been as a fan but had in fact been of their rollicking gay dancing which had in fact rocked Victor’s gay little world and set his gay heart free, if only the cruel playboy hero hadn’t turned around and crushed it?

Yuri on Ice is Pride and Predjuice, but Victor Nikiforov isn’t Mr. Darcy. He is Elizabeth Bennet.

 You have been watching Mr. Darcy’s retelling of P&P.

Gay P&P. From Mr. Darcy’s POV.

On ice.

In Japan.


 you don't rememeber.png

I want you to look at that face. That’s Victor’s face after he realizes that for the past year Yuri has had no memory of the night which has clearly meant a great deal to him. Life and love.

I want you to think about all the moments over the last ten episodes when Victor seemed pushy or seductive when, if you had known about Yuri’s drunken pole dancing and his brash pleas/offers, you would perhaps change your mind. Chris’s ass grab. His seduction contest. Victor’s insistence that Yuri had eros in him. Um, you fucking did the moves naked on the pole. Yuri has literally been the only one not in on the joke this entire time. Except no one thought it was a joke.

Least of all Victor.

The man gave up his career for this man who is so bumbling he can’t remember the biggest night of Victor’s life up until he got proposed to in this bass-ackwards way then denied in front of all their friends and Victor had to come in and save their faces. And Victor still loves him. Is jealous when he suspects—and I think he might be right—that Yurio is in love with him too. Except Yurio has a new boyfriend now so we’re all cool. I hope.

I can’t begin to predict the last two episodes. Why would I try? Yuri has to win. JJ must be made to lose all face. Victor’s heart must be protected and cherished. Good must prevail. Season two’s door must be left open. Somehow I must survive the culmination of this series, which will be a challenge.

Never have I felt this way about story, outside of Gaiman and Pratchett. This is why I’m thinking I have to oust the other favorites and move Kubo into the holy trinity of most favorite of authors of all. For this story alone, even unfinished. Never have I not slept because of story, outside of those two. Not slept, stayed awake thinking, obsessing, weeping, hugging things thinking about characters and plot lines, standing in the shower having fantasies about meeting the author, wondering if it would be at all possible for me to pull it off without recoiling in some kind of meltdown, deciding probably not. Except not with Pratchett or Gaiman did I replace every wallpaper on every device I had with art from the show, name my new computer (Kastuki Yuri) and order an insane amount of merchandise from the show. Subscribe to two different anime services. Try to translate Japanese to order CDs. I do not get obsessed like this, but I am obsessed at levels I didn’t know I could reach. I think I might have more in me.

I have a burning need to possess parts of this show. And all my jokes about being a handmaiden and flying to Japan aside, my respect for Mitsurō Kubo is so deep and intense I could better paint it than describe it. Respect and gratitude.

Respect because she’s an artist, a brilliant, genius one, and she did something so fucking clever I can barely stand it, let alone try to explain it. I feel like the town fool trying to explain our resident wizard. But it’s more complicated than that, because I am the town fool for whom the wizard made something very special.

The best art always feels personal, as if the artist made it just for us and no one else, as if it is ours. Yuri on Ice definitely feels that way to me on a general art level. But it also is for me on two other levels: as an author of queer literature, and as a queer person. There was no reason this story had to be gay. Oh, it was better gay, I’d argue, but it also isn’t GAY, it’s simply subtly queer, which again, is why it’s for me, because hello, same. There’s just something so great about it, though. Revisionist, sure, but also a gift. “Here, you have this great thing. You have this fantastic, wonderful, surprising story. You have it, queer people. You have it. Othere people can read it and enjoy it, and they can feel it belongs to them too. But it’s yours, you know. This one is yours.

This fabulous, miraculous, surprising, glorious, gay as fuck beauty is ours.

And. It. Is. Not. Over. Yet.

Mitsurō Kubo, if I win this dance-off, will you come eat katsudon with me? I don’t own a hot springs, nor does my family. But my god, you will never want for knowing love should I ever be so honored to meet you, now or ever.

I am drunk with my pleasure waiting for next week, and I join Yuri and Chris on their pole. Please, Phichit, prepare the cameras.

Victuri 8.png



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    Thanks for the recaps. I love getting your take on things.

    • YES–and I need to go ETA that and a few other things. Was gone all day yesterday, then wasn’t going to do anything last night but watch Haikyuu! but got sucked into 4k of babble about toxic masculinity instead. Priorities, I guess. Will fix later today. 🙂

  2. Now watched ep 10 and I blame you that I’m hoping for a happy ending. I’ve been watching skating for over forty years and know all the terminology so that and the gay story line had me from the off.

  3. AND, omg, Yurio made such a BIG DEAL about the fact that Victor FORGETS SHIT. But Victor didn’t forget this. Okay, now I have to go back and rewatch the ones I have so far, because I didn’t watch the closing credits after the first one, I thought they were all the same. OMG.

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  5. I love this recap! I’m late to the show, but I appreciate the depth of your review. Also am very intrigued by your assertion that Yurio loves Yuri, hmmm. Off to see if you have more recaps 🙂

  6. I love this episode to pieces. ❤
    That last screencap has to be my favourite of the lot,and Yuri being all Eros with that pole,I mean once you see this ep, so much starts connecting. Damn this Kubo, I love it when people can make you see so much without spoon feeding you the material. LOVE IT!

  7. Hi, thanks for this lovely rant, it cements alot of what us fans were feeling. Also, Victor’s exhibition skate in episode 1 is for me, tinged with a longing of fleeting love, perhaps he had Yuri in mind as he skated to it. Also, please look up the translation of the aria victor danced to. It is a beautiful song, and was an original composition for this anime

    • Whoops, correction: Victor’s free skate, not exhibition, also i noticed you have already discussed and posted link about the song. By the way, watch this youtube rendition of stammi vicino by finawenpiano.

  8. Another rewatch, and seeing yurio skate and his inner monologue about his intrigue with yuri, as he wondered what a perfect skate from him would be like. Now, i see that in episode 1, as he harangued yuri in the bathroom as he cried, he was actually giving him his version of a pep talk, like snap the hell out of it, get your self together! My belief, at least

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