Where My Books Went, How You Can Get Them Back, Possibly Cheaper & Faster


If you’ve gone shopping for sixteen of my books right now, you’ve found them impossible to get. There are for a few titles lingering paperbacks sold by legitimate publishers, but most are from resellers inflating the prices to ridiculous amounts. Please allow me to take a moment to explain to you what’s going on with my work, and for heaven’s sake, don’t pay $50 (or anything more!) for a first or second edition paperback.

All my out of print titles from Samhain Publishing and Wilde City Press will return to print within this calendar year or by early 2018. For your reference, the titles currently out of print are

  • Carry the Ocean
  • Love Lessons*
  • Fever Pitch*
  • Lonely Hearts*
  • Special Delivery*
  • Double Blind*
  • Tough Love*
  • Clockwork Heart
  • A Private Gentleman
  • Family Man
  • Let It Snow
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Hero
  • Miles and the Magic Flute
  • The Devil Will Do

(The books with asterisks have third party audio rights, and you can still purchase these titles if you wish to listen to these books instead of read them in the meantime, but keep reading before you rush off.)

With the exception of Family Man, I will independently publish all these titles, and I’m working as hard as I can to get them back into the stream as fast as I can. The problem is, I have four new titles I’d already intended to write and publish independently this year too, and I also refuse to put out a book that isn’t done properly. This means I’m re-proofing each book before it goes out and in some cases doing a quick dust-up edit if it’s an older book where my re-reads have caught too many glitches. None of these things take too much time on their own, but collectively even a “quick” production takes time and effort on fifteen books.

I’ve also decided, since I’m here doing a big relaunch, to put three previously free shorts through the editing process and make them proper books and part of their series’ proper lineup. Those titles are

  • Frozen Heart (Love Lessons)
  • Hooch and Cake (Special Delivery)
  • The Twelve Days of Randy (Special Delivery)

I think there may end up being another one for Love Lessons this summer, possibly, but we’ll see.

The bottom line is that the books are coming back as fast as I can get them out. If that’s all you need to know, you can sign up for my newsletter now and you’ll know as soon as they’re back. If you want to get grittier details, keep reading, and if you want to know how you can get the books cheaper and faster (and help me out a bit in the production of this independent venture while also having a great time behind the scenes), keep reading.

Here are some questions I know you will have.

  • Will the new editions be different?  Yes and no. The content won’t be different on any of them, though there will be subtle editing on several titles, fussy stuff that will make the reading smoother but 90% of readers won’t ever notice. What you might notice and appreciate, however, is the improved formatting, particularly on the Samhain ebooks. I’ve noticed particularly on my iPad that the Samhain books have horrible indents and scene breaks; this will be fixed in the new editions.
  • Where will the books be sold? Everywhere I can send them. They’ll be on Scribd too, probably, and in libraries if Overdrive picks them up where you are (best way to get them is to go request them at your local library–you may need to tell them they have to ask again because they’re reissued). I’m going to make them free for libraries for a year so libraries can get them back since this really screws libraries that had the books. The only place you won’t find the books is Google Play, because their discounting always screws up Amazon.
  • Will there be audiobooks? Yes. Anything that doesn’t have an audiobook will eventually get an audiobook, but Iggy can only read so fast. First up is Carry the Ocean.
  • Will the books have paperbacks? Yes, and they’re going to be gorgeous. Kanaxa is doing them all, and the drafts she’s done so far are stunning.
  • Will the books have new covers? Some will, some won’t. The Love Lessons series, Carry the Ocean, and Clockwork Heart will keep  their original covers. All the others will have redesigns by Kanaxa. Even the paperbacks for the covers kept by Kanaxa, however, are substantially different, in the interior and exterior, in that the formatting is improved.
  • What’s the schedule for releasing your out of print books? It’s a little in flux, but here’s the best guess I have right now. I’m updating it as I know more.
  • What do you mean, I can get the books faster and cheaper? I’m glad you asked. This one needs more than a bullet though, because the short answer is, you join my Patreon. The long answer needs some links and some foregrounding.

Heidi Cullinan’s Patreon in 2017

There are several posts on my Patreon which outline this in better detail, including a video which I encourage you to watch before you pledge (unless you read the posts and pledge details and immediately feel you know what it is you want to do). I’ll give you a summary here as well, however, so hopefully between all the sources you can make an informed decision.

Patreon is a pledge community. Essentially if you join my Patreon you become my patron, pledging a dollar amount per month to support me. You can pledge as low as $1 per month, though you can edit your pledge (or end it) at any time.  For your pledge, you get specific rewards, which are detailed in the sidebar of my profile page.

Now, normally the rewards are different: most months the rewards are intangible or are smaller, more extra things. 2017 being 2017 has changed everything, and this year is largely a bumper crop for my patrons, to the degree that it’s not a matter of getting a book a month, it’s which book that month you’ll get, most of the time. My patrons have to be on their toes right now, deciding what pledge levels they need each month because their reward needs are different each month, and I don’t know yet which month will contain which reward. The bottom line is, my patrons are getting a lot of books this year.

The other detail you need to know about being my patron is that it will allow you to get my books early. Have you been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Carry the Ocean? Well, my patrons have seen the cover to Shelter the Sea, some have seen excerpts, some pledge levels read the ARC, some have their names in the acknowledgements (that’s a pledge level reward), one won her name as a character, and they’re all about to get the ebook, probably next week. Maybe by this weekend. They’re going to get Carry the Ocean as well, if they signed up for two ebooks. Everyone else will be waiting until the end of April or early May for the standard release of Shelter the Sea, and they may have to wait another week or two for Carry the Ocean to reappear. My patrons will get paperbacks early too, if they’re at that pledge level, and they’ll be signed, though some people chose to donate their paperbacks or give them to others.

Do you love Walter Lucas or Baz Acker or Mitch Tedsoe-Keller more than you know how to say the words? Do you want desperately to see your name printed in the cover of their book? You can do that, as a patron, by upping your pledge to that reward level for one month (at the right month, and I’ll help you make sure you’re at that month, don’t worry). Do you want to be a muse who whispers in my ear and helps tell me what to write, for a little while or forever? Do you want to see your name on my website as a muse? That’s a pledge level too. Do you want to get rewards you missed? There’s an option for that. There’s so much stuff you can do. Plus we hang out a lot, telling stories, brainstorming, talking books and anime and movies. Recently I shared an Indiegogo campaign of another author I thought my patrons might be interested in, and they were very interested, so that worked out nicely for everyone involved. We’re a community, a family.

My Patreon right now is my biggest income stream, because Samhain has stopped, and I’m in the dry spell where I haven’t yet put these titles back (and there’s a third party delay before payment) but I have to spend a ton of money to get them out again. That’s another reason for the staggered release, why I’m not simply whipping them all back out this month. The more people who join my Patreon, the faster I can do that, the more audiobooks I can do, etc. Because Patreon pays me monthly, immediately, and the truth is plenty of people will still buy the books in third party, so this isn’t hurting me at all, having you join me this way. Plus at $1 it’s a nice price for you, cheaper than anything at Amazon or anywhere. You also get our customer service, which any patron of mine will tell you is better than anything else you can get. My husband Dan is my assistant, and he takes care of anyone who misses a reward or loses their file or can’t figure out how to get something to load.

Right now my Patreon family is almost 200 people, which feels big to me, but I’m not worried about size anymore. So far every time we add someone new it’s just more family. I welcome every expansion, every new member, every evolution of our sacred space. Because the money is important, and I’m so grateful for it–but what I crave the most are the reader interactions, the patron updates, the feedback, the comments, the people who support me. My greatest dream is to someday have a patron meet up, where we can all hang out face to face, finally.

If you want to come join us, for community or just to get the goods–you’re welcome to. You can even simply poke around and try it out. I hope I see you there.

If you have any questions about my books, my schedule, my Patreon, or anything else, please email assist@heidicullinan.com, and we’ll help you out. (You’re emailing Dan because my email is a large Dumpster fire, and he’ll triage these and get them answered so much more efficiently than me.)

I’m going to go back to editing and formatting and writing so I can get you these books back ASAP. Take care, and happy reading!

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