Rewatch Recap/Reaction — Yuri on Ice Episode Two: Two Yuris?! Drama at Yu-topia

Continuing my rewatch and recap/reaction of Yuri on Ice, cross-posting on my blog, tumblr, and Patreon. I realized yesterday this is actually my third recap—somewhere on my blog is my reaction post post-episode ten, a retrospective once we knew what Victor had been hiding.

The people who used to follow my blog for rants and deep thoughts have to be so frustrated. Sorry.

Anyway. This time I watched the stream first, so I’m watching the BluRay while I type this. The first thing that got me was how Victor made the promise to Yurio but not only didn’t say goodbye to him but let him find out he’d left the country and quit skating by reading social media. How cold, man.

Yurio lying on his bed in Russia with his cat, Puma Tiger Scorpion

Puma Tiger Scorpion!

The second thing that hit me, thinking both of episode ten’s revelations and Victor’s total characterization in general, is how much I love that they gave both Victor and Yuuri a mix of feminine and masculine traits/stereotypes. There’s no uke/seme dynamic here at all. Overall I would say Victor has more feminine flashes than Yuri, but neither one of them takes a role. They move in and out with a grace and ease that all people of any orientation should and do, but that is so important to see in a gay romance. It’s not that there aren’t very feminine gay men or very masculine—and Victor has some seriously soft moments—but I love this representation, that they’re so both, so comfortably.

Victor reveals his shoulder as he wakes up, looking feminine and sexy

But seriously, though—how obvious is it now that Victor is trying desperately to flirt with and get Yuri to respond to him in this episode? You can see him searching for the guy who pole danced and dipped him and it’s like he’s here and totally gone at the same time, and he’s like…what is happening to me right now.

I love so much that it’s that this moment they bring in Yurio, giving Victor an escape. He could bail now. He has an out. I wonder if he ever planned to take it? If Yuri hadn’t brought his A game? I don’t know. But man. The first four episodes are gorgeous in so many ways. The brilliance here blows me away. They know their structure. It’s so seamless and invisible, but it’s there, and so important.

Love Yuri getting sassy when Yurio tries to bully him. “Yeah, I’ve got Victor, so what?” But I do wonder. Until Yurio showed up…was Victor doing his routine thinking, “I’ll give this to Yuri, or was he practicing thinking he’d go back to competing because this was going poorly?

Victor skating the eros routine

I also love that A) Victor has a picture of himself in his room and B) Yurio is sleeping in his closet.

The scene where Victor hunts Yuri down and finds him skating is one of my favorites. I love everyone giving him pieces of Yuri, and Victor seeming to calm down then, as if he finally understands the man he’s come all this way to claim. He’s already figured out it’s not going to be as simple as showing up; now he knows how he has to draw the man he fell in love with out. And he’s helping Yurio too. Everyone wins.

But seriously. Remember when we all thought Yuri would never be able to skate eros, that he didn’t have it in him? Remember that?

What I truly love, though, is the way Victor’s face gets all soft and excited when Yuri says what he wants if he wins is to eat katsudon with him and that he’ll do his best to win. It didn’t make sense at the time. But now it does. It was like he said he wanted a date, a victory date. And he said he was going to try hard to win. And Victor really wants him to win.

Victor closeup looking happy and proud

Happy sigh. This show. It’s always good.

Tomorrow is episode three.

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2 Comments on “Rewatch Recap/Reaction — Yuri on Ice Episode Two: Two Yuris?! Drama at Yu-topia

  1. I love this show! There are so many different layers to each episode!
    I have that beautiful line “Nani? Nande Nigeru?” as my text alert – it’s the pathos in Victor ‘s voice – gets me every time

  2. I love when Victor challenge Yuri K to dance ‘Eros’ instead of giving him ‘Agape’. Deep down in his heart he already knew that Yuri will nailed it very well and make him proud. And already lose his heart to this young and shy guy. And I can’t stop ‘Ooh-ing’ and ‘Aah-ing’ since then… 😍

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