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How to Appropriate by Not Really Trying: An Author’s Guide to Writing Socially Marginalized Communities in Romance

I hate to start a post with a dictionary definition, but this topic needs every card laid out on the table. Let’s begin with the beginning. Appropriation is the act of using something that doesn’t belong to you as if it does. Authors do this hourly. It’s practically our job: we’re professional pretenders. In my published career […]

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Thoughts I Think About Rants, False Ghettos, and Misinformation Surrounding the Gay Romance Market

Mercury is retrograde, and so we are all writing and saying and misinterpreting and in general making ourselves and each other upset. This post is one of today’s offerings. (ETA: post appears to have been taken down, but of course there is a screenshot.) Wave at at Reviews by Jessewave is upset because books are […]

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A Beautiful No: How Richard Herod III Turned a Townhome Rule Into Powerful LGBT Activism

Richard Herod III is a general manager of a Minneapolis car dealership. He’s a Big Brother. He’s a member of Children of Deaf Adults, where one of his more fun contributions is signing pop songs on YouTube. He kickboxes and does autocross racing. And after November 6, 2012, he can add being a successful political […]

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RWA Makes a Statement on Equality

You may remember the great and terrible brouhaha that came down regarding the Romance Writers of America Oklahoma chapter Romance Writers Ink singling out LGBT entries as no longer accepted in their More Than Magic contest, a contest LGBT romances had won and placed well in during previous years. You may also remember RWA being uncomfortably […]

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Dan and Heidi talk about Same-Sex Marriage

Last night I was skimming through my Google Reader feed and stumbled on a Minnesota couple’s video explaining why they will vote yes on a Minnesota amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage. It really upset me, and when I showed Dan, it upset him too. So we sat in front of my computer […]

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LGBT Romance Spotlight: Goodreads M/M Romance Group

I’m starting a blog series about all the many wild and wonderful communities within LGBT romance, and I’m going to start with one of my personal favorites, the M/M Romance group at Goodreads. I interviewed “Moderatrix Lori,” the chief whip-wielder and head moderator. Tell us a little about the Goodreads M/M group: how it got […]

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Bigotry is a Transitive Noun

Bigot. It’s such a loaded, nasty word. It’s negative, and no one ever wants to use it. It’s like “racist” or  “homophobic.” “Anti-Semitic” sounds more like a clinical condition than a mindset one shares with Hitler, but it nevertheless carries enough context to send people scrambling for higher ground. “I’m not a bigot. I’m not […]

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RWA Shouldn’t Be in the Business of Discrimination

– Note: MTM will no longer accept same-sex entries in any category. from the contest rules for the More Than Magic contest hosted by Romance Writers Ink Chapter of RWA It’s taken me several days to be able to write this blog post, and the worst part of it is that my job isn’t done […]

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Why an author is participating in #StopSopa

If you go to http://www.heidicullinan.com today, you won’t get very far. Credit where credit is due: after reading the how-to’s people posted on twitter, I promptly emailed my brother webmaster and said, “Um? Hans? Help?” He of course had no trouble, and up the module went. Why? Because I like the Internet. A lot. It’s […]

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To Live by the Girl Scout Law

Originally published at Accessline Iowa. *** I was a Girl Scout. First I was a Brownie, complete with the adorable brown beanie and the knee socks with weird orange fringe things. We met once a week in the basement of the Catholic church in town, which I remember because it felt so deliciously wicked to […]

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