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You’ve Gotta Measure: Ruth Lange Morton, In Memoriam

grandma and heidi

Thursday last week my mother called to inform me my grandmother had passed away the night before. This was no kind of surprise. All summer she’d been increasingly ill, and from July on she’d been set to die “any day.” She was in and out of the hospital and care center until she never left. […]

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Last night, as I snuggled with Dan in bed, I thumbed out a chat with a friend having a hard moment and wanting, desperately, advice on a relationship crossroads. That in itself isn’t so unusual, but it’s worth noting the friend is a sophomore in college and I was on the cusp of my seventeenth […]

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And Now For Something Completely Different: What Happens When Heidi Remodels a Basement

I know. The Internet was full of nonsense again, but I’m not going to comment on it. I’d love to, but it’s a morass and mostly it’s Mercury in Retrograde, and there’s nowhere safe to stand because the Internet isn’t discourse, it’s an outrage machine. Instead, I’m going to show what I did the past […]

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The little things matter: how my kid’s school schooled me on reacting to sexual bullying

I just returned from a meeting with my kid’s school counselor addressing an issue concerning her, and while there are others getting a talking-to right now, I can’t stop thinking about what just happened. I’m humbled, and I’m so incredibly glad my kid goes to school where she does. The essentials are this: my daughter […]

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Yes, We Got Married on National Coming Out Day

We interrupt this blog to do one of those cheesy eye-rolling I LOVE MY PARTNER THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND ALL THE FISH retro photo montages. Sixteen years, bitches. Sixteen years. Thick, thin, sickness, health, chaos and wonder. Love you, Daniel Scott Cullinan. Thanks for picking me.

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Drum Corps Love and Documentary About Them That Needs You

A month ago my friend Caryle posted a call on Facebook wanting to know if anyone wanted to go to Celebration in Brass. It had been forever since I’d been to a drum & bugle corps show, so I said, “Sure, I’m in!” Dan had originally planned to go to see Grease on the big […]

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Of Stories and Spines

I had this vision when I began my summer of taking time at least once a week to blog, especially about writing process and about being a reader, because I pretty much walk around with essays on both topics blooming in my head constantly. The facebook page has been pretty good, actually, but I meant […]

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Peanut Butter Eggs, My Pelvis, and Bill Cosby: Or, This Blog Post is All Over the Map

I didn’t get to round three of #DABWAHA, and as I told Abigail Roux, since I was tired just watching I think the best woman won. Honestly, it’s a bit of a relief—now all I have to do is finish Better Than Love, which is damn, damn close. I was on a roll until Marie Sexton […]

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More Shameless Nepotism: Now It’s My Kid

I think I’ve done smaller promotions on Facebook, but my child has asked that I try and get her some views and hits, so this is a mom doing her best. Anna the Fabulous, my number one (and only) kid, makes movies. She started watching other kids’ homemade videos on YouTube and decided, hey, I […]

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Shameless plug: Go vote for my husband.

My husband entered this contest with the cover for his annual mixtape CD he gives to our family of choice at Christmas. I wasn’t allowed to help him whore for votes sooner for fear they would see the cover before they opened their gifts, and then I just got so busy I simply forgot. I’m […]

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