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A post for a Rafflecopter and other things that aren’t about an election from hell.

Largely the point of this blog post is so that people who are trying to try for the Rafflecopter I just announced can enter the blog post version until some book bloggers get reviews/stops/what have you up. This will be a bit as I just gave them the books. They just got the books because […]

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Surprises, welcome and not

Santa Baby banner

This was not the post I meant to make this morning. In fact, I wasn’t sure I had a plan to make a post. If I did, it would have been the standard, “Hey, I have a new release,” though it would have come with a little explanation that this one was a surprise, unplanned, […]

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Since Tuesday of this past week I’ve been meaning to write a blog post to say, “Hey, I have a new book out.” I have a newsletter whose single purpose is to do this, and I posted one of those, but I didn’t blog. Haven’t blogged much at all, you’ll notice, for quite some time. […]

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Valley High, I Call You—The Story of the Dedication to Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland, book three in the Minnesota Christmas series, is out tomorrow, November 10. There’s a tour and a giveaway you should check out. But what I want to tell you today is the story of Linda Lytle, the woman to whom the book is dedicated. I met Linda in 1995 when I worked as […]

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Virtual Signing Information: Expanded Edition

Heidi's full paperback library

A full rundown of how you can get yourself a signed paperback from me, complete with shipping information.

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Come Get In the Tesla: More About Heidi’s Patreon effort.

Red Winking Woman (Politely Naughty)

Last night I wrote this post which was basically me all caught up in fifty different things at once, and one of the side effects of writing it was that I also started a Patreon. You may or may not have heard of it, but the gist is you pick artists to support, you say, […]

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Lonely Hearts Release Day & Party Information

Lonely Hearts is out today! Two hot messes, one fabulous happily ever after.

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Lonely Hearts Pre-Reading List, Badges, Tour, Party, and Grand Prize Giveaway

It’s only eleven days until Lonely Hearts releases, and a lot is happening to celebrate! Tour The Lonely Hearts blog tour starts soon, and you’ll want to make sure you stop by each blog for inside information, contests, reviews, and more! Keep track of everything happening and watch for new blogs at this link. Meme Badges […]

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Dance With Me Second Edition On Its Way, New Cover by @NathalieGray

Dance With Me second edition cover

Dance With Me will be getting a second edition, and here’s the new cover!

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