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The road trip recap

Me dressed as Kobayashi-san, Anna as Tohru the dragon maid, and Becca as Kanna the child dragon

My goal is to sneak in a recap of Yuri on Ice episode five yet tonight, but before I got there I needed to give a full report of my week with two teen girls on the road to and from Dallas, with a stopover in Kearney, Missouri for an eclipse. So I’ve only been planning […]

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Yuri on Ice Fandom vs Animefest Dallas: Gays in Tights Edition

This is going to be quick and is mostly in lieu of me tweeting eight million tweets, which I kind of already did, but I’m a long-form girl and I’d like to state clearly, once, what’s happened here at Animefest, in once place. Other con-goers will have their own experiences and their own platforms. I […]

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Manga & Anime Rec: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Continuing my steady stream of anime and manga posts with a few notes. First, apologies for missing yesterday. It was a conflagration of events. We had a family issue in the evening, and it required my attention to be elsewhere, but mostly yesterday was dedicated to this. This, in case it isn’t immediately obvious, is […]

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Crossing No Man’s Land: Why I’ve Waited My Whole Life For Wonder Woman (GIF Free Version)

This blog will contain spoilers. If you’re looking for the image-rich version, you can find it here. I have waited my entire life for the Wonder Woman movie. I didn’t read the comics, and I only somewhat saw the television show, even though I was the right age and generation to have grown up watching it. I […]

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Crossing No Man’s Land: Why I’ve Waited My Whole Life For Wonder Woman

Gail Gadot as Wonder Woman looking pensive in the middle of a soft explosion

I have waited my entire life for the Wonder Woman movie. Like Princess Leia in Star Wars, in the world of super heroes, Wonder Woman was the girl. She was the representation of women, the only one we had, and she was strong. And like so many people, I have wondered where in the hell has her movie been. But now we have a whole film. An entire film. And I have seen it twice.

Here are some of the reasons the film was so moving to me, why I cried both times I saw it, why I feel, for Western women, this movie is a watershed, a must-see.

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Where My Books Went, How You Can Get Them Back, Possibly Cheaper & Faster

If you’ve gone shopping for sixteen of my books right now, you’ve found them impossible to get. There are for a few titles lingering paperbacks sold by legitimate publishers, but most are from resellers inflating the prices to ridiculous amounts. Please allow me to take a moment to explain to you what’s going on with […]

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Born to Make History: Yuri On Ice Episode 11, Our heartbeats flutter to a stop (but it’s gonna be okay, I swear)

  There will be a GIF and non-GIF version of this blog for many reasons. If you require a non-GIF version of this post, please redirect to this link before the cut. If you’re reading my posts for spoilers, you can carry on as you do. If you’re here because you’re trying to decide if […]

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Born to Make History, Continued Further Still: Yuri!!! On Ice episode 4 recap, Like Yourself… and Complete the Free Program!!!

Thanksgiving is over, and I’m back here to finish catching up with the recaps. Today I want to try to get through as many as possible, and I’m probably going to do the next few in a lump, but four needs its own post because it’s such an important episode. They tell you everything you […]

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Born to Make History, Continued: Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 3 recap, Eros of the Pork Cutlet Bowl

It’s 5:30AM on Thanksgiving morning now–too early to put a turkey in, but I’m up with a headache again, it’s too early to start on anything because I’ll wake everyone else up, and yes, I’m still eager to talk endlessly about this show. If you want to see what I said about Yuri!!! on Ice […]

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Calling All Authors: Win a Copy of Your A Game

This post is entirely for authors, or would-be authors of genre fiction. I wrote a nonfiction promotion guide with Damon Suede called Your A Game: winning promo for genre fiction. I’m going to tell you a bit about it, then give you a chance to win a copy. Three chances, in fact. We wrote this book because, bottom line, […]

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