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Many assorted things, but mostly CONTEST, FREE BOOKS

I am back from Romantic Times. It was truly amazing. And if you’re looking for the panel I did with Damon Suede, ZA Maxfield and my own dear Marie Sexton, look for that here.

I am utterly exhausted. More on that in a bit, but for now:

  • Last week’s blog hop entry is here. Only one more week yet and then we pick the big winner of the $200 gift card! Get your name entered.
  • I won some nice things while I was hurrying off to RT: Joyfully Reviewed’s Best Romance of 2011 for Dance With Me and Best Book of 2011: GLBT-BDSM for Nowhere Ranch at The Romance Reviews. Thank you very much to both blogs! The boys and I are all honored.
  • Dear Author reviewed A Private Gentleman

It also occurred to me to let you know what my travel plans for the rest of the year are, since I have many of them. Places you can see me in 2012:

  • The CARAS conference in Chicago on Thursday, May 24 (I hear there will be a webinar of the panel)
  • RomCon in Denver from June 21-24
  • RWA National in Anaheim from July 25-28, public booksigning on the 25th
  • GayRomLit in Albuquerque from October 18-21

But what you really want is a free book, right? Or maybe three? My next book, The Pirate’s Game, is out April 24 from Loose Id. Blurb, excerpt, trailer, and buy link below.

Enter your name in the comments below for a chance to win the whole series or whatever books from it you’re missing. More chances at Stumbling Over Chaos, COP, and of course I always pick a winner from my newsletter. Have you subscribed?

Contest will close April 23.


The Pirate’s Game

As the love slave of the captain of the pirate ship The Merry Sue, Charles Perry, professional mess and reluctant god, is at last reunited with his lover Timothy — partly, at least. Somehow Timothy has become implanted in Captain James Gibbs’s mind, and for the right sexual favors, the pirate will grant Charles’s lover a few moments at the helm.

Three square meals a day, endless pirate fantasies played out in real time, and more Timothy than he’s seen in months. How can Charles complain?

Of course, trouble always manages to find its way home to Charles. The Pretender is still trying to kill him. His cousin is in a funk and shocks everyone with the reason why. But the most worrisome part is that Charles has realized he’d trade all his god powers and most of the world he made to have Timothy back with him for real — and he’s finally figured out how to do just that.

Find out more about the Etsey Series

 Read an Excerpt

Buy the Book


Awards, Releases, and Trailers, Oh My!

Yesterday the lovely Elisa announced her annual Rainbow Awards, and I did pretty well:

  • Nowhere Ranch: First Place, Best Gay Erotic Contemporary
  • Dance With Me: Honorable Mention, Best Gay Contemporary Romance
  • Nowhere Ranch: Third Place, Best Character Development

Thanks again to Elisa, her jury, and congrats to all the winners!


I also found out yesterday that Nowhere Ranch will be going to print. Not exactly sure when yet, but sooner rather than later, and I’ll pimp that ride when it gets here. But if you’ve been waiting for that announcement, go have yourself a snoopy dance.


I also have cover art, a firm release date, pre-order links, and a trailer for A Private Gentleman. It will be out on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012, available everywhere right on release. Print will come out in 11 months. (Yes, I’ll remind you. No worries.)


Trailer for Dance With Me

I wasn’t going to make a trailer for this one, but this morning I was suddenly possessed of the desire to do so, and also the inspiration. It was also pretty damn inexpensive, clocking in at $35 with some photo credits to spare. Go 123RF stock photos!

And because the camera is still on my desk and they were all posing: