RWA Scuttlebutt

Jenny Crusie of course says it best, so by all means go read her, but here’s my take on the whole RWA debacle.

I confess I sort of spaced the graphics standards thing, I really
didn’t get who Charis was until she was long gone so I didn’t get that
outrage like I should have, and I confess that even this year I did not
get to the AGM because I was too busy trying to figure out a bill for a
really great party the night before.  But the survey got my
attention, I think the new RWR is about as graphically palatable as a
communion wafer, and I really needed more alcohol for that awards
ceremony.  Now I’m all fired up to do something and really trying
to figure out what.

People keep talking about the Republican leanings of the ceremony, and
that has bled onto the rest of the issues above – you can really get a
good conspiracy theory going here if you want to, and as most of us are
storytellers, I bet someone has written Karl Rove into the wings of
that theater in Reno.  And there’s a sort of them/us comfort in
that, saying, “SHE did this!” or “THEY made this happen!”  We can
say the board is full of evil right wingers, or say the TTQ is an evil
right winger — you can go on all day, really, and I suppose if you dig
you can find a few confirmaitons or contradictions.

But really, what happened with all this is that everyone trusted the
system, thought things were fine, and a lot of us kept swimming even
though there were a lot of warning signs for one hell of a
waterfall.  It’s just so easy to say it won’t be that big of a
deal, that there’s no reason to get upset, to say, “Really, what can I
do?”  I was too busy to go to the AGM.  Really, what would I
do?  Except that argument’s going really flat now, because all
signs point to one or two people with a pretty pointed agenda and great
skill at convincing themselves they act for the “greater good” and that
“everyone agrees with me,” and that one person or small group of people
really got a lot of damage done in a short amount of time. 

I think the hard part is that sometimes all we can do is write letters,
be PITAs and join committees, then watch as the shit happens
anyway.  Since the political analogy has already been made, it
reminds me a lot of first diving headfirst into the Dean campaign and
killing myself for him only to have him scream himself out of the race
in Des Moines, to swallow my objections of Kerry and kill myself all
over again knocking on doors and making phone calls and writing
letters, only to have him fall short, too.  It was really tempting
to resent the effort, to say, caustically, that it didn’t matter, that
I should have just had a beer and watched the train wreck.  And
sometimes I sort of wish I’d knocked on a few less doors and done just

But now I’m watching the RWA fallout, reading SmartBitches and hearing all the arguments, following Cory‘s blog and watching Jonquil
get her rage on, collecting truly frustrated emails from board members
after I wrote them, and I’m thinking that it’d have been nice to have
been fighting this whole time so I could not feel like I was
desperately trying to catch up and figure out WTF but could instead be
feeling finally vindicated, that at LAST someone was realizing that the
damn waterfall is going to kill us if we don’t portage soon.

The thing is, RWA is full of smart women.  I guess sometimes that
makes us inefficient and I bet it’s a bitch of a thing to be on a
committee let alone on the board — but really, this is what happens if
we make it easy.  If it were easy, men would do this.  Okay,
that’s not entirely fair.  But really, that’s the beauty of an
organization full of women.  We’re going to be messy, and it’s
going to take ten months just to agree what to order for lunch, but the
alternative is playing nice and risk getting that awards

So everybody go join stuff, get invovled.  If nothing else write
your rep occasionally and ask politely what’s going on.  Probably
you should write your member of Congress while you’re at it, too.

Cleaning up my act

Today is cleaning day, partly because it’s time, partly because I’ve
been thinking about it, and partly because it’s good physical
orientation to get a mental echo of the same, sort of like redoing the
collage. And partly because Dan has been doing a lot of dishes lately
and is being patient, but I see that folding soon.

So my office is organized, except for the closet which I’m not doing
today. That’s the stack of TBR, the story notes, and anything else I
don’t want to look at. But other than that, the entire top floor of the
house is clean. Even the upstairs toilet and tub are clean. I feel
victorious. Next is to vac the stairs, where I’m sure I’ll collect
enough cat hair to make a sixth cat.
And you know, already I feel my head centering back up. I could work in
this office, as opposed to the office I had when I woke up this
morning, which made me think mostly, ‘This place is a pit.’ Also,
there’s just something nice about NOT seeing hair on the back of the
toilet. But this is the second “big organization” I’ve done this week,
the first being to redo my collage.

I need to get some better pictures of it, and I can’t figure out how the heck to link a picture here, so try this
It’s blurry, but you get the idea.  This collage is much smaller
than my original,  alot more organized, and less ADHD.  I’m
sure you can’t see it well, but there are these Goya cut outs all over
Jonathan’s side, which I’m really excited to explore.

Of course, I have to stop cleaning so I can start revising.

Having a hard time with the reentry into Iowa life.  I can’t stay
off the net and want to stay up late writing and doing email, but —
hey, dishes.  Family.  Friends that don’t know what a
conflict lock is.  Always a struggle to maintain balance. 
And so my family contribution today shall be cleaning.  Doing
laundry.  Playing with Anna.  And then maybe tonight starting
in on the revision, and then more tomorrow, because the house might
need picking up, but underneath should be clean.  In theory.

Wading in

All right, I used to have a blog on Blogger, but it was mostly a
political spleen-vent. As I’m trying to be all growth and expansion and
Zen, I closed that sucker and came to LJ to start anew, pure as the
driven snow. I’m sure that will last about ten minutes. Of course, now
that I’ve entered all that introductory info and found the great amazon
picture I’d lost from my hard drive (I grabbed it from here,
and will use it until someone tells me not to), I find I have very
little to say.  As I’m sure no one at all is reading this, I’m not
terribly upset.

Things I’ve done recently, maybe that’s a thread.  I just got back
from RWA National, and yes, I saw that freakshow of an awards
ceremony.  I already wrote my letter to the board and got a few
comments, er, apologizes already.  And I think I just got drafted
to a committee.

Right now I’m following the advice of my horoscope and revising an ms
rather than working on the new WIP.  So far this morning I’ve cut
half the scenes in the first act.  It was both terrifying and

Well, I’m sure I’ve put the room to sleep by now, so my work here is done.