Calling All Authors: Win a Copy of Your A Game

This post is entirely for authors, or would-be authors of genre fiction. I wrote a nonfiction promotion guide with Damon Suede called Your A Game: winning promo for genre fiction. I’m going to tell you a bit about it, then give you a chance to win a copy. Three chances, in fact. We wrote this book because, bottom line, […]

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Virtual Signing Contest

A reminder of the info regarding the virtual signing, plus a paperback contest!

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Updates, Book Rec, Giveaway, & a Lonely Hearts Excerpt Because Apparently You’re All Searching This Blog For It

I came here to post a quick update and book rec because I get tired of seeing the last post is a recipe, and I really worried all these new followers are thinking I’m going to talk about food all the time. Truth: I don’t talk about any one thing all the time. Everything seems to […]

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Sleigh Ride Blog Tour and Giveaway

  The Sleigh Ride blog tour starts soon! You can follow it here. You can also, throughout the blog tour, enter to win a special prize pack!   an ebook copy of Sleigh Ride (if you’ve already bought it by then, you can give it to a friend) a signed paperback copy of Let It Snow a copy of William’s […]

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KA Mitchell is giving away more stuff, we’re all reading everything, the boys are still chatting, and small side note about sadists.

First the admin stuff: KA Mitchell is still having a buddy read. We’re sliding slowly into book 3 (I’m still behind, but I’m catching up today). She’s still taking questions, and so are all her characters. We’ll start book 4 Tuesday when it releases! KA Mitchell is giving stuff away. A $10 certificate and a […]

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From Atlanta With Love: GRLs Supporting Authors Have a Present for You, and Now So Do I

ETA: I’m expanding this contest until the swag packages arrive from Atlanta. So you can still enter, and spread the word if you’d like to. The other day I was happily scrolling through Facebook when I discovered a post from K-Lee Klein, one of the supporting authors at GayRomLit. Look what they’re doing! This is […]

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Love Lessons: We’ve Got Talent

Love Lessons is my next novel, set to release on October 1. Some of you are counting the days and entertaining me greatly with your animated GIFs. Thank you for that. Love Lessons is my first New Adult title (official one—technically many of mine qualify, at least sideways), and though I know that’s not a requirement of the […]

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Many assorted things, but mostly CONTEST, FREE BOOKS

I am back from Romantic Times. It was truly amazing. And if you’re looking for the panel I did with Damon Suede, ZA Maxfield and my own dear Marie Sexton, look for that here. I am utterly exhausted. More on that in a bit, but for now: Last week’s blog hop entry is here. Only […]

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Blog Hop: This Week’s Post

It’s at Stumbling Over Chaos, which means you will get some awesome black cat pics too.  

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More tour, plus win a copy of A Private Gentleman

  This week Ellis Carrington hosts, and I confess how I don’t have enough snow and wish I were in Yellowknife. You can as always enter a comment for your chance at the grand prize of a $200 gift card. (Woo-hoo!) In the meantime, you can enter HERE to win a copy of my next […]

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