Daddy Daughter Dance 2012

Every year for four years now Dan and Anna get dolled up and head over to the elementary school gym for the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Every year I make sure she has a dress and hair things that she’ll like and shoes and frilly accessories, but only the kind she’ll enjoy. She’s a girly girl but like Mama wants to be a comfy girl. So I started early this year when I saw a beautiful green Jessica McClintock dress for dirt cheap on eBay in her size at Christmas, and even better it turns out I anticipated the theme, which is Fairyland. So earlier this week I got her wings and some hair things, and today I picked up some body glitter and some ten-year-old-friendly makeup. I also made her an appointment at the salon to have her hair fixed up the way she liked it so she didn’t have to yell that I was pulling her hair or taking too long. As I prepped her to get ready, she had a huge smile on her face and alternated between saying, “I’m going to be the belle of the ball!” and “This is going to be the best Daddy-Daughter Dance ever!” She never thanked me for any of the things I did, which almost made it better. Because she just knows that’s what I do. Make things the best ever for my fairy princess as much as I can.

They’re off to dinner (Subway, her choice) and the Fairyland Ball now. I have three hours or so to myself (they’re doing Dairy Queen after) and the satisfaction of knowing my two very favorite people on the planet are off having a magical, wonderful time.

Pics after the cut.

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