Thoughts I Think About Rants, False Ghettos, and Misinformation Surrounding the Gay Romance Market

Mercury is retrograde, and so we are all writing and saying and misinterpreting and in general making ourselves and each other upset. This post is one of today’s offerings. (ETA: post appears to have been taken down, but of course there is a screenshot.) Wave at at Reviews by Jessewave is upset because books are […]

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Your Sunday Snark: Oz Demolishes Whiny, Arthritic SFWA Bigots

Found via Angela James on Twitter. Old Men Yelling At Clouds by Foz Meadows. Core point of article: the Science Fiction Writers of America have apparently been busy alienating women by being grossly sexist and bigoted and then being shocked and outraged at being called sexist and bigoted. Ms. Meadows nicely links to at least most of the […]

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